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January 14, 2013
Purpose of the Chaska High School
Booster Club
As a not for profit we serve as a fundraising entity for high school
activities and athletic groups throughout the school year.
100 % of proceeds go directly back into the programs through one of
three ways:
• Reimbursement for volunteering at events , i.e. concessions
• Special grant for large equipment or resource purchase
• Scholarships to 4 seniors at the end of each school year.
How we raise our money
Concessions for all on grounds Varsity athletic events
Access to our concessions areas for local youth groups for tournaments or special
This school year we will or will host 32 Fall, 37 Winter and potentially 12 Spring
Events. If you average 5 workers and 5 hours from start to finish of event that
translates to 2,025 volunteer hours.
During the 2011-2012 Booster Club paid out $14,975 for volunteer work. Total
payouts were around $25,000.
School Year Calendar:
New this school year and given out free to all students, parents and local
How we raise our money cont.
Membership sales:
Activities and Athletic yearly passes sold throughout the school year
Paint the Town:
Painted Hawk stencil, provided on personal property
Private donations:
Business and personal donations to our booster club
School Store:
Having just opened during the 2011 – 2012 school year , this area is of our
club is still working to become profitable. Although the District purchased the
material to build the new store, all the inventory and original fixtures were
purchased from the booster club funds.
Booster Club Accounts and
The Chaska High School Booster Club prepares a monthly report for each
booster club meeting showing deposits and expenses and once a year
prepares a tax return for our club.
At present we have two established bank accounts, the first is for our own
fund raising and the second is for dollars raised off sight by clubs and teams
sponsored by the high school that do not have their own account
The Club / Team Fundraising bank account allows us to deposit for a specific
club or team monies they raised as team fundraising such as spaghetti
dinner, car wash or grocery bagging. This allows the groups to use our not
for profit umbrella and not be taxed on monies earned.
Booster Club Accounts and
Reporting cont.
Reporting of the fundraising account is done monthly and emailed to each club
advisor and or coach. This shows money earned, any withdrawals and current
The Club / Team Fundraising system is new this year given District reporting
guidelines and mandates.
The specific difference is the source of the revenue and what the funds can be
spent on.
Booster Club Accounts and Reporting
On funds generated for each specific group by the booster club all purchases must
be remain with the school and cannot be used for consumables like food,
beverages or personal clothing.
The Club / Team Fundraising dollars are raised by the individual groups and can be
spent for team events or equipment. All expenditures must meet not for profit
spending guidelines and cannot be for personal gain.
Activity and Athletic Payouts in 20112012
How to Find information or Forms
All our information is listed on the Chaska High School website
The Booster link is found under both the Activities and Athletics menu on the high
school home page or at:
Our monthly meeting is generally held on the first Monday of the month 6:30 P.M.
at the main office conference room. All are welcome.
We strive to keep our meetings under 90 minutes.
Sign Up Genius Tutorial for
-Login (If new member create a login)
-Find a sign up
-Email of the Sign Up List's creator:
[email protected]
General Information
Chaska Booster Club Website
Club Forms, Fundraising Deposits and Fundraising Requests for Payment:
Can be found under fundraising forms on the left hand margin of the website
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