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Bold Statement
One Type of Hook
What is a Bold Statement?
• A bold statement is usually exclamatory.
• Because this statement is said or read with great enthusiasm, it often
captures the reader’s attention. This makes a bold statement a good
• Bold statements can be controversial. Since this statement stirs up
people’s emotions, it will engage the reader, even if he or she doesn’t
agree with the writer.
• Bold statements can be used in either first or third person point of view.
• This type of hook is effective in both informational and
persuasive/argumentative essays.
A Sample
All sports programs should be cut from school budgets!
Although this idea will upset many people, it is the right thing to do
when dealing with tax payer’s dollars. Students themselves can pay
a fee to play sports or join a local recreational team. Too many tax
payer’s dollars are spent on school sports programs; therefore they
should be cut. Eliminating these programs will allow school districts
to employ more educators to reduce class size, to purchase more
technology to get students ready for real world jobs, and to include
more elective classes for students to broaden their horizons.
Black – hook
Brown – Background
White – Thesis/Essay Map
Another Sample
Cutting sports programs may save the school district money,
but it absolutely the wrong thing to do! Many tax payers are angrily
stating that the school district spends too much money on sports
programs. However, they are uninformed about the benefits of
sports programs. Sports programs benefit students in many ways.
Being an athlete helps students gain confidence, develop a strong
work ethic, and employ teamwork.
Black – hook
Brown – Background
White – Thesis/Essay Map
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