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 Michael League is an American bass
player who is based out of New York.
Best known for his work with the band,
Snarky Puppy.
 League was born in Southern California and
attended the University of North Texas
studying under their jazz program which he
graduated from after four years mastering in
Jazz Studies.
 After graduation, Michael League
moved to Dallas and lived there for the
next three years of his life and was
mentored by the great Bernard Wright.
 Wright was best known for some of his
keyboard work with such names as Miles
Davis or Chaka Khan.
 Snarky Puppy was formed in Denton Texas in
 The band is a Gospel, R&B, Jazz Fusion group
which sometimes includes up to 40 members.
 The instrumentation branches out from
tradition jazz or regular band settings.
 The ensemble includes various
percussion, a string quartet, horns,
organ, piano, various synthesizers,
guitars, drums, sometimes vocals, and
of course the band leader, Mr. Michael
League on the bass guitar.
 Vintage 1970’s Fender Precision bass.
 Avella-Coppolo 5 string bass.
 Markbass Bass Amplifiers.
 Randy Jackson Signature TTE 500 Tube Bass Amplifier head with
a New York 804 4X8 and a Standard 104 HF 4X10 cabinet
 POG 2 (Polyphonic Octave Generator) by Electro Harmonix,
Pigtronix, Way Huge Electronics, MXR, etc.
 Moog Sub Phatty Synthesizer.
 Sleeper is a track off of Snarky Puppy’s latest album,
entitled, “We Like It Here.”
 Released in 2014.
 The melody is shared between Synthesizer with a Talk
Box and The Horn and String Sections paired with
Electric Guitar.
 Intro is in a slow simple duple meter and then the
song moves to a fast four then back to slow again.
 For the most part, the harmony is in a minor key with
a lot of chromaticism and a lot of pentatonic
 Polyphonic with some Homophony.
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