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Quarter 4 Assessment - Review
True or False?
Between 1940 and 1955, personal incomes decreased
sharply for many Americans.
True or False
Eisenhower’s defense policy resulted in significant cuts
in military spending.
True or False
Many American officials believed that the Depression
had caused World War II.
True or False
On June 25, 1950, North Korean troops invaded the
south, rapidly driving back the poorly, equpped
South Korean forces
True or False.
In 1968 the American people were shocked that an
enemy supposedly on the verge of defeat could
launch such a large-scale attack as the Tet offensive
of the Vietcong and the North Vietnamese.
At Yalta, the leaders agreed to recognize the Polish
government that the Soviets had set up if Stalin
agreed to
a. Allow free enterprise in Poland
b. Allow Poland to trade with the West
c. Hold free elections there as soon as possible
d. Give up his demand for reparations from Germany
Hold free elections there as soon as possible.
The Long Telegram resulted in
a. The Marshall Plan
b. The establishment of the CIA
c. The Berlin airlift
d. The containment policy
The Containment Policy
After WWII, labor unrest was triggered by
a. Rising inflation
b. Falling wages
c. Lack of jobs
d. Poor working conditions
Rising inflation
Truman said the Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan
were essential for
a. Containment
b. World economic recovery
c. World peace
d. American prosperity
Joseph McCarthy created the media frenzy that began
his witch hunt by
a. Accusing Alger Hiss of being a Soviet spy
b. Saying that there were spies in the United States
c. Urging the House Un-American Activities
Committee to hold open hearings
d. Saying that he had a list of Communists employed
by the State Department
Saying that he had a list of Communists employed by
the State Department.
The Korean war resulted in
a. Victory for North Korea
b. Victory for South Korea
c. Victory for the United Nations
d. Containment but no victory
Containment but not victory
To benefit from a cheaper labor pool, some businesses
in the 1950s began to
a. Hire African Americans
b. Hire teenagers
c. Expand overseas
d. Move to the Sunbelt
Expand Overseas
This was formed after World War II for the purpose of
mutual defense.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
This allowed many returning soldiers to attend college
following WWII.
The GI Bill
The Taft Hartley Act outlawed the Closed Shop,
prohibited featherbedding and this…
Allowed right to work laws.
Compared to earlier campaigns, the 1960 presidential
race made new use of _____.
With Canada’s agreement, this was built to aid
international shipping.
The Great Lakes-Saint Lawrence Seaway.
By the middle of the 1900s, what group of people were
the poorest in the nation?
Native Americans
Who was Dwight Eisenhower’s running mate in the
presidential election of 1952?
Richard Nixon
In 1953 Americans were shocked with the Soviets
tested the
a. Sputnik satellite
b. First fallout shelters
c. Hydrogen bomb
Hydrogen Bomb
What four countries divided Germany into four
United States
Great Britain
Soviet Union
The federal government’s termination policy was
intended to
a. End poverty in the inner city by replacing slums
with new high-rise buildings
b. Bring Native Americans into mainstream society
c. Fight juvenile delinquency
d. End the dependence of poor Americans on
government aid.
Bring Native Americans into mainstream society
Who was the leader of the Soviet Union after Stalin
Nikita Khrushchev
In Gideon v. Wainwright, the Supreme Court ruled
that a defendant in a state court had the right to this
A lawyer
Young protestors especially focused on what they saw
as an unfair
a. Draft system
b. Credibility gap
c. Teach-in
d. Division of Vietnam
Draft System
North Korea received military weapons and other
support from the Soviet Union and ________.
Name for President Johnson’s vision of the more
perfect and equitable society the U.S. could and
should become.
Great Society
Who was the first African American to serve in the
cabinet as the secretary of the Department of
Housing and Urban Development?
Robert Weaver
What Communist countries came to be called because
they had to remain Communist and follow Soviet
Satellite Nations
An imaginary line that separated the Communist
nations of Eastern Europe from the West.
“Iron Curtain”
This “line” divided Korea into two separate nations.
38th Parallel
FBI director who urged HUAC to hold public hearings
on Communist subversion.
J. Edgar Hoover
This became an epidemic in the post war years.
Southern Democrats in the 1948 Presidential Election
Rapidly increasing birthrates between 1945 and 1961.
Baby Boom
The nation’s first computer, used to make military
This was dropped by American planes in Vietnam to
take away to Vietcong’s cover by destroying the thick
Very influential Supreme Court Chief Justice during
the ’50s and ‘60s.
Earl Warren
Ensures that all people are treated the same by the
court system.
Due Process
The way in which the states draw up political districts
based on changes in population.
President Kennedy’s legislative agenda.
New Frontier
Suspicion that the U.S. lagged behind the Soviets in
Missile gap
Military alliance in Eastern Europe
Warsaw Pact
Deadly radiation left over after a nuclear blast.
Leader of Communist Cuba in 1953.
Fidel Castro
National health insurance program that provides for
Americans 65 and older.
Turning point in the Vietnam War.
Tet Offensive.
 True or False?
 Ngo Dinh Diem was Catholic and discriminated
against his country’s Buddhists.
He had thousands of Buddhists murdered.
True or False?
Americans are still based in Korea today.
Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were charged with this
Passing atomic secrets to the Soviets.
This was formed for the purpose of mutual defense.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
When the French left Vietnam, the U.S. stepped in to
a. Make sure free elections were held, as specified by
the Geneva Accords.
b. Protect pro-Western government in the South.
c. Act as peacekeepers along the border between
North and South Vietnam.
d. Try to cause a popular uprising against the
Communist ruler in North Vietnam.
B; protect the pro-Western government in the South.
CORE successfully integrated many restaurants by
a. Protest marches
b. Boycotts
c. Sit-ins
d. threats
C; sit-ins
This group was organized in an effort to integrate bus
The Freedom Riders
At the March on Washington, Dr. Martin Luther King,
Jr. gave this speech.
He gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.
In Little Rock, Arkansas, the governor tried to prevent
African American students from entering a white
high school by
a. Closing the school
b. Redrawing the school district
c. Hiring the KKK
d. Deploying the National Guard
D; deploying the National Guard
The purpose of this chemical was to destroy the dense
foliage so that the enemy could not hide in the
Agent Orange
A main reason President Johnson refused to order a
full-scale invasion of North Vietnam was his fear that
it would
a. Bring China into the war
b. Strengthen the North Vietnamese will to fight
c. Result in a staggering loss of American lives
d. Horrify the American public, ruining him
A; would bring China into the war.
What was the result of the battle of Dien Bien Phu?
a. President Johnson decided to send American
troops into Vietnam.
b. Regular North Vietnamese army units joined the
c. President Nixon decided to pull American troops
out of Vietnam.
d. The French withdrew from Indochina.
D; the French withdrew
In South Vietnam, a monk set himself on fire to protest
a. The war.
b. Western influences on his country.
c. Extreme religious ceremonies.
d. Discrimination against Buddhists.
D; discrimination against Buddhists.
Daring attack that took North Koreans by surprise.
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