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Expand Your Reach With
As a leading scholarship search service and financial aid information resource, plays a primary role in helping students make the decisions that shape
their lives. On, students are connected with tools to aid in researching
and finding scholarships and financial aid for college, as well as choosing a campus that's
right for them. Our regularly updated proprietary database allows students to search 2.7
million college scholarships and grants worth over $19 billion and quickly arrive at a list of
awards for which they qualify.
Visited on average by about 50,000 highly motivated college bound high school students,
college students, recent graduates, parents and adults daily, has assisted
millions in their search for scholarships, grants, student loans, financial aid and college
The user base consists of high school, college bound high school, college
and graduate school students, recent college graduates, young professionals, parents and
work force members researching education and education financing opportunities. offers cost-effective customer acquisitions through targeted marketing
campaigns, in our scholarship search co-registration path and related pages, utilizing
embedded questions, interstitial pages, text links, banners and skyscrapers.
The Audience
• Demographics
– Gender: 59% Female, 41% Male
– Age: 15-35 years old (92% of registered users)
• 13-14 yrs. old (1 % of registered users)
• 15-18 yrs. old (52 % of registered users)
• 19-24 yrs. old (31 % of registered users)
• 25-35 yrs. old (9 % of registered users)
• 36-46 yrs. old (4 % of registered users)
• 47 + yrs. old (3% of registered users)
The Audience (cont’d)
• Demographics
– Ethnicity
African American (26 % of registered users)
Hispanic (20 % of registered users)
Asian (7 % of registered users)
Native American (3.5% of registered users)
Other Ethnic Heritage (1.5% of registered users
Caucasian (42 % of registered users)
– Who They Are
High school and college bound high school students
College and graduate school students
Recent college graduates
Young professionals
Parents and work force members researching education and
education financing opportunities, from every geographic area of
the United States.
7% Metrics
Metrics as of January 2013
Unique visitors per month
Total visitors per month
Page views per visit
Total page views per month
Average time on site
Registered users
Facebook fan page
Twitter Followers
6:07 minutes
Over 12 million and growing
54,980 fans and growing
32,600 followers and growing
Online Marketing: Advertising Opportunities
The Rectangle
300 x 250 px
The Skyscraper
120 x 600 px
140 x 600 px
160 x 600 px
The Banner
468 x 60 px
728 x 90 px
The Text Link
The Embedded
The Weekly
25 words
max; 130
with spaces
150 words
max; 1000
with spaces;
125x125 px
1 sponsored
message in
*All graphics should be under 40Kb. Accepted file formats: GIF, JPG or PNG.
welcome emails,
deadline emails)
The Targeted
Cost per
Click; Cost
Per Lead;
Cost Per
Online Marketing: Advertising Opportunities
The Rectangle
The 300 x 250 rectangle ad provides
advertising partners with the opportunity to
showcase their brand in high visibility
locations throughout the site.
The Skyscraper
Located directly to the right of a user’s search results,
the skyscraper provides high impact and high visibility
for advertising partners. Skyscrapers are a vertical
banner: 120 x 600 px; 140 x 600 px; 160 x 600 px.
Online Marketing: Advertising Opportunities
The Banner
The banner ad provides high impact and high
visibility throughout the college search
section of the site. Advertising partners can
select between a 468 x 60 px or a 728 x 90 px
banner to showcase their brand.
The Text Link
The text ad is integrated into the college and
scholarship search results sections providing high
visibility. Text ads can have a maximum of 25 words
or 130 characters with spaces.
Online Marketing: Advertising Opportunities
The Co-Registration Targeted
Host and Post Offer
A great way to engage your audience. Also referred to as the
embedded question, the co-registration targeted host and post
offer is a targeted marketing campaign, in our scholarship search
co-registration path and related pages. It provides users with the
option to opt-in to advertising partners’ offers. Users
information is transmitted to the marketing partner via Web
Service, form post, email batch file, etc.
The Sponsored Link
The Search Results “Sponsored Link” program is an
opportunity to list your scholarship at in
a premiere location for a CPC based upon competitive
bidding. Sponsored listings are displayed at the top of the
user’s scholarships search results
Online Marketing: Advertising Opportunities
The Weekly Email weekly newsletter emails provide dedicated space for select advertising partners.
Newsletter emails are designed in-house and integrate our advertising partners message into the
Registered users receive
three different emails
newsletters, welcome
back emails, and
deadline reminders.
Each email is a great
opportunity for
advertising partners to
get into the inbox of
their target audience.
Welcome Back Email
Deadline Reminder
Email Marketing
A popular and low cost method to delivering your
message to your target audience. Whether you choose a
sponsored link in our weekly newsletters or a custom
email campaign, email marketing helps you connect with
your target audience and get your message in their inbox.
Custom Email Campaigns
Custom email campaigns allow advertising partners to get
the right message to the right people at the right time.
• Base rate starting at $75/M.
• Selects: $10/M and $25/M.
• Delivery Fee: $25/M.
*Delivery fee includes campaign set-up, image hosting, tests to seeds, clickthrough URL tracking (unlimited links), real-time online reporting, same day
service (if required).
Direct Mail (Postal) Marketing
Maximize your ROI by combining Direct Mail with email and online campaigns. Deliver
a cohesive and targeted message using multiple marketing channels to reach over 9
million students.
• Base rate starting at $100/M.
• Selects: $10/M and $25/M.
Our opt-in email and postal direct marketing rate cards are available at:
Sponsored Link Program
The Search Results Sponsored Link Program
In much the same way that major search portals such as Google and Yahoo! offer a “sponsored link”
search results program , now offers the opportunity to list your scholarship or
competition in our database to appear in a premiere location for a competitive CPC. The CPC is
determined by competing bids and increases with any added filtering. Below is a list of what is
• Premium Listing –Your sponsored listing
will be displayed at the top of the user’s Scholarship Search
Results. Position within the top five to
ten sponsored listings depends upon
overall order, which includes CPC
(filtered, nonfiltered, etc.) and actual
number of clicks ordered, etc. One may
easily improve their placement simply by
increasing their CPC and/or size of order.
Additional placements are also an option
for increased visibility.
Sponsored Link Program
• Reporting ‐ Our clients have access to their own online portal, to which they can log-in at
any time in order to see real-time tracking of their campaigns.
Sponsored Link Program
CPC: Determining Cost Per Click:
This value is based on the type of individual the advertiser is attempting to acquire as a visitor to
their website. As has built-in filtering for criteria such as year in school, academic
major, GPA, Gender, Geographic Location, etc., the CPC can vary quite considerably depending upon
the level of targeting that is employed. The CPC is initially determined by an established market rate
and increases incrementally for more targeted campaigns.
To see an illustration of what your sponsored placement will look like, please visit:
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