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JR/SR Parent Information Night
 Follow
recommended curriculum
 Prepare for SAT & ACT
 Begin researching major of study
 Research colleges
 Attend college night
 Visit college campuses
 Begin researching scholarship options
 Focus on graduation!
 Sign up and take ACT, SAT
or other entrance
 Attend college night
 Collect letters of recommendation,
transcripts, and other paperwork
 Complete college applications
 Apply for Financial Aid
 Apply for scholarships
 Narrow down your choices and visit
 Apply for housing
Reduce your stress – don’t wait
until the last minute!
 Type
of College
 Location
 Cost
 Major or Academic Department
 Selectivity
 Class Size
 Accreditation
 Housing
 Campus Life
One of the best tools to
research your college options
will be the internet!
3 Hours 45 Minutes
3 Hours 25 Minutes
No science section
Includes science
No trigonometry
Includes trigonometry
Includes essay
Essay optional
Guessing penalty
No guessing penalty
Math accounts for 33% of your score
Math accounts for 25% of your score
Questions follow order of difficulty
Random question order
“reasoning” based
Big challenge: tricky questions, length
Big challenge: time crunch
 Register
and pay online
 Upcoming test dates
• December 6th, January 24th,
March 14th, May 2nd, June 6th
 $51
 Highest
possible score - 2400
 See your counselor if you think you may
be eligible for a fee waiver (limited
 Register
and pay online
 Upcoming test dates
• December 13th, February 7th, April 18th,
June 13th
 $38.00
– No writing section
 $54.50 - with writing section
 Highest possible score - 36
 See your counselor if you think you
may be eligible for a fee waiver
(limited availability)
What are my
 Free
to apply
 Used by most colleges
 Online application process
 Check your college of interest for
 Apply after January 1st
1. Complete the Local Scholarship Application by visiting:
2. View college scholarship information by visiting:
3. Visit the Scholarship Bulletin Board in the PHS Counseling Center.
-Check out the current list of scholarships.
-Scroll through the Scholarship Notebook and cabinet archive.
-Feel free to write down information or take copies if available.
4. Take some time visit college websites. They will have information specific
to their school.
We are here to help! Feel free to ask!
 Eligible
courses are tuition waived
 A head start on postsecondary
 Lowers the cost of college
 Extends variety of classes available to
 Serves as a “controlled” introduction to
college life
 Allows access to college
 Meet
with your Counselor to see if you
are eligible
• Must be 16 and completed 10th grade
 Ms. Puckett
will contact you to begin the
registration process
• Application
• TSI test
• Meningitis shot
• Register for class
 Deadlines
 Requesting
 Letters of
 Entrance
time to
Know your
Know the
 Email
or call your counselor if you have
questions or need guidance
• Mrs. Hartless, A-GRA
• Mrs. Davis, GRE-NGY
• Mrs. Morris, Ni-Z
• Mrs. Wynn, CTE programs
• Mrs. Puckett, College Readiness
We are here to HELP
with the process!
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