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We prefer to serve our food right from the kitchen to your table, but we understand
that you like to take it home sometimes. At home, please take the food out of the
boxes and serve it on a plate or in a bowl, this will improve the flavours. Thai food is
generally eaten with a fork and spoon. We try our best to have your order ready as
quick as possible, but when it’s busy, it can take some time.
At Yum Saap, we serve dishes from Thailand and around, which are meant to be
combined and shared. Try around 3 dishes per person. Spicy dishes are marked with
a S , vegetarian dishes with a V . Vegetarian dishes may contain some fish sauce!
We use fresh ingredients and certified fish. Yum Saap means ‘healthy salad’ in Thai,
but we’re not a traditional Thai restaurant. Enjoy!
01tom ka kai - coconut chicken soup kip, kokos, laos, kaffirblad
02tom ka hed - coconut mushroom soup V paddestoel, kokos, kaffirblad
03tom yam kung - hot and sour shrimp soup S garnaal, citroengras, rode peper, limoen, koriander
04tom yam hed - hot and sour mushroom soup S
paddestoel, citroengras, rode peper, limoen, koriander
05som tam - green papaya salad S groene papaya, gedroogde garnaal, knoflook, limoen, rode peper
06yam makreua yao - grilled eggplant salad S V thaise aubergine, limoen, vissaus, ei
07yam plamuk - thai squid salad S inktvis, limoen, rode peper, munt, koriander
08ga xe phay yum pak boong krob - chicken and cocos salad kip, witte kool, kokos, citroengras, koriander, thaise basilicum
09yam pla sabah sai p0n la mai - mackerel and fruit salad S gerookte makreel, munt, mango, ananas
11phad kana - stir fried kai lan V )
chinese broccoli, oestersaus, knoflook
€ 7,90
12bi cuon chay - fresh spring rolls V loempia’s, rauwe groenten, thaise basilicum, munt
13cha gio chay - fried spring rolls V gefrituurde loempia’s, groenten, shiitake, glasnoedel, koriander
14tofu ma po - spicy silken tofu S V silken tofu, sechuan peper, chilli, sojasaus
15tod man pla Khao Niao - fish cakes kabeljauw, rode curry, limoenblad
16 gang panang nua - beef stew S rundvlees, panang curry, kaffirblad, pinda
18pu phat phong karii - spicy dry crab curry S krab, ei, curry, vissaus, oestersaus, limoen
19suea rong hai - crying tiger beef S geroosterde biefstuk, chilli dip
20sai oua - homemade chiang mai sausage S varkensworst, laos, citroengras, limoenblad
21sai krok kung gaeng daeng - shrimp dumplings in red curry
garnaal, citroengras, laos, wilde gember
22pla ga pong - grilled sea bass
zeebaars, tamarinde, knoflook
23ped yang - roasted duck leg geroosterde eendenbout, zwarte thee, gember
24Special of the week - ask your waiter
wisselend gerecht
.... .........
25kaeng kiauw wan - thai green curry S kokosmelk, aubergine, thaise basilicum
26kaeng massaman - muslim curry kokosmelk, pompoen, aardappel, tamarinde, pinda
phak - vegetable V groente
kai - chicken kip
neua - beef rund
kung - shrimp garnaal
€ 11,50
€ 13,50
€ 13,50
€ 14,50
27phad thai - stir fried rice noodles rijstnoedels, tamarinde, tofu, pinda
phak - vegetable V groente
kai - chicken kip
neua - beef rund
kung - shrimp garnaal
€ 9,90
€ 11,50
€ 11,50
€ 12,50
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