Gustar with Infinitives

Gustar with Infinitives
Chapter 3 – Spanish 1
Gustar with Infinitives
• An infinitive tells the meaning of the verb
without naming any subject (saying WHO is
doing the action) or tense. There are three
kinds of infinitive verbs in Spanish: those that
end in “ar”, those that end in “er” and those
that end in “ir”.
– Cantar- to sing
– Comer- to eat
– Escribir- to write
Gustar with Infinitives
• Just like nouns, infinitives can be used after a
verb like gustar to say what you and others
like to do. Gustar means “to like” and then
follow it with an action (verb).
– Before: Me gusta la musica.- I like music. (music =
– NOW: Me gusta cantar. – I like to sing. (to sing=
Gustar with Infinitives
• ALWAYS use gusta NOT gustan when following
with infinitive verbs.
– Before: Me gustan los deportes.- I like sports.
(sports= plural noun)
– NOW: Me gusta jugar al tenis.- I like to play tennis.
(to play= infintive verb)
• Translate the following:
1. I like to play soccer.
2. I like to sing.
3. I like to write.
4. I like to read.
5. I like to take a walk.
6. I like to go to the movies.
7. I like to swim.
8. I like to listen to music.
9. I like to ride a bike.
10. I like to watch TV.
• En el libro rojo. Abras a pagina 86 y hacemos
ejercicios 7 & 8.