The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

The Miraculous Journey
of Edward Tulane
author: Kate DiCamillo
228 鄧紹辰
Andy Teng 
“The Miraculous Journey of
Edward Tulane ” is really a
great book about love, a
simple story about the true
The protagonist of this story is an
earthenware rabbit doll with
personate. His name is Edward Tulane.
His owner, Ablin Tulane, loved him so
much. It was taken granted by the
little owner to be a member at home.
He wore the best and the most
gorgeous clothes. He had his
own bed, closet, watch, and even
a seat in the dining room.
Everyone loved this noble rabbit.
They treated him just like normal
person. However, he thought
their love was sham. His hollow
body didn’t have a heart and love.
This rabbit created a heart which
could be filled with love and gave it
one by one, with a miracle journey.
First, he fell into the sea from the
ship by accident. And a fisherman
dragged him out of the sea. Then,
he was thrown into the trash, and
roamed with a vagrant and a dog.
After that, he was put up the
wood to pretend a scarecrow.
And then, he was a partner to a
girl who was really ill.
Afterwards, he broke into pieces
and restore to original shape
and appearance.
Finally, he got home after many, many
years. His real owner, Ablin, is an adult
now. She got surprised that finally
found Edward. And now, Edward is full
of love. He became enthusiastic and
affectionate. He can truly love everyone
now. His love accumulated in this
wonderful and miraculous journey.
I absolutely love this story
very much. The miraculous
journey really let an
unfeeling rabbit doll become
filled with love. His
adventure was exciting and
This story just purported
people not only love yourselves,
but also try to love other people
around you. Let’s just plant love
into your heart. Don’t be selfish
and unconcerned. I extremely
recommend this book!
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