Compound Nouns

compound noun is made of 2 or
more words used together as a
single noun.
 The parts of a compound noun may
be written as
– A single word~~toothbrush, watermelon
– 2 or more separate words~~dining room
– A hyphenated word~~runner-up
How to form plurals?
 Remember,
compound nouns can be
classified just like any other noun we
have studied so far.
 To form plurals:
– One word compounds~~add –s or –es
– Hyphenated or multi-word~~make the
main word plural (The main noun is the
most important word, and is the word
that is modified by the other words).
More Info…
There is no reliable way to predict
whether a compound noun will be
spelled as one word, hyphenated, or
 Check a dictionary if you are unsure.
 Most compound nouns can be recognized
by their unusual stress pattern of placing
the emphasis on the first word.
 Compare: A supermarket is a grocery
store, but a super market is a fantastic
Why it Matters in Writing…
Compound nouns are very descriptive—they
actually describe themselves. They also help
writers paint clear pictures.
Find the compound nouns in the following
real-life excerpt from On the Road with
Charles Kuralt.
Dreamland Amusement Park is closed for the
winter…Taffy stands are shuttered, no
teenagers screaming on the roller coaster,…
and at the merry-go-round, the exquisite
carousel which has been right here since
1915, the horses are frozen in their classical
posture, waiting for another spring.
Charles Kuralt
Try it!!
Write each compound noun and state its 3
The plains produce foodstuffs such as
corn, wheat, and rye.
The cornstalks stand tall in South
Dakota, a state that loves corn.
The Corn Palace is a famous building in
Mitchell, a prairie town that welcomes
Today it is called the agricultural show
place of the world.
Each spring, the outside of the concrete
building is covered with wall designs
made of sweet corn, grains, and grasses.
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