Parts of Speech - Compound Nouns Exercise 4

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Parts of Speech Exercise 4
I can identify and explain the function of the parts of speech. (L 7.1)
Write the compound noun in each of the following sentences. You may use the dictionary, if needed.
There may be more than one compound noun in any given sentence.
Our baby sitter is dependable. baby sitter__________________________________________________
At Jones Beach, we swam in the swimming pool. ______________________________________
2. My brother-in-law lives in Council Bluffs, Iowa. ________________________________________
3. My Old English sheepdog is still a puppy. ____________________________________________
4. Please return these books to the bookshelves. ________________________________________
5. I have added computer science to my schedule of courses. ______________________________
6. Dr. Reilly’s waiting room is always crowded. __________________________________________
7. Meet me at the bowling alley near the post office. _____________________________________
8. Pat’s shoelace came undone during the final race at the meet. ___________________________
taken from Warriner’s English Composition and Grammar, Third Course
“Exercise 3. Identifying Compound Nouns,” p. 345
rev. 09/15