Liu Bang – The First Emperor of Han Dynasty

Li Yu
李煜(937年-978年) was the third and last emperor of
South Tang.
He was a very talented poet, scholar, painter and
He was captured by the Song Emperor and imprisoned
for years. This painful and shameful experience gave
him so much to write about. Later on, he was poisoned
by the emperor.
His famous poem is still known by every educated
Li Yu’s Most Famous Poem
(translation 1)
When will there be no more moon and spring flowers
For me who had so many memorable hours?
My attic which last night in vernal wind did stand
Reminds cruelly of the lost moonlit land.
Carved balustrades and marble steps must still be
But rosy faces cannot be as fair.
If you ask me how much my sorrow has increased,
Just see the overbrimming river flowing east!
Li Yu’s Most Famous Poem
Li Yu’s Most Famous Poem
(translation 2)
Spring flowers and autumn moon--when will they be ended?
How many past events can we tell?
The east wind blew through my small lodge again last night.
The old country, bathed in a bright moon, Is an overwhelming
Those carved balustrades, those marble terraces--They should still be there, Only the rosy cheeks have faded.
How much sorrow, pray, can a person carry?
Like the spring torrent flowing eastward, without tarry!
He liked women with small feet; since then,
Chinese women started to wrap their feet at very
young age to make them stop growing. This
cruel tradition lasted for more than 1,000 years
and disappeared only less than 100 years ago.
Small Feet