Hydro Power Workshop (WS) of the Sector Network Energy SubSahara Africa and EnDev
An Overview of Metal works and T-15 Turbine manufacturing
GTZ-ECO –Access to Modern Energy –Electricity(AMES-E/ HYDRO
As one of the objective of gtz is to build
the capacities of local manufacturer;
different mechanical parts of mhp has
manufactured locally.
Penstock :which
foray to the Turbine.
T-15 cross flow turbine: Runner blade
mounted on lathe machine for finishing and
also to check it’s eccentricity
convey water from
Flange and bearing house
•Canal Intake gate: manufactured at Selam
-ready to fix on the site
T-15 cross flow turbine:
•frame welding together
Assembled T-15 cross flow turbine: ready
for final painting
Out put-33kw
Turbine adapter
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