Set IP address of the sensor

O2D EIP through
Micrologix 1400
• O2D must have firmware 1047 or
higher for Ethernet IP communication
• Object Recognition
Software version 3.5
• This example assumes that you will use
an Ethernet IP trigger .
• Explicit messaging is used in this
Process Interface Software
Connect to the
O2Dxxx sensor
In Applications select
the Process Interface
Select Ethernet/IP and
V2 for the Protocol
Click Assign
Configuration software
Click on Extended… Button in the Process Interface tab. By default, the camera will
transmit 450 bytes. In the EtherNet/IP tab, we can partition the data and define the
amount of data to be transmitted.
Some PLCs cannot handle all 450 bytes and this menu allows us to adjust the packet size.
Output bytes to be received from
camera (Write Data)
Defines the Input bytes to be sent from
the camera (Read Data).
*We set the input and output bytes to 40 based on this
particular application. This can be larger or smaller
depending on your application
Configuration software
If you plan to use
the software trigger,
Set the trigger to TCP/IP
RSLogix software
In RSLogix
500, Setup a
block for Read
and Write.
RSLogix software
Set these
values for the
read message
RSLogix software
Set IP address
of the sensor
RSLogix software
Set these
values for the
write message
RSLogix software
Set IP address
of the sensor
RSLogix software
There is a byte swap in
the I/O.
Enter the trigger
command below:
30 (Hex) = 0 (ASCII)
0D (Hex) = CR (ASCII)
54(Hex) = T (ASCII)
3F(Hex) = ? (ASCII)
0A (Hex) = LF (ASCII)
Once the string is
entered, you must
toggle the message
RSLogix software
Response from
the sensor in
ASCII: Start, Pass,
match), Stop
In order to get a
response, you
must trigger first
and then toggle
the read message
RSLogix software
To create another
trigger, change the
value at the either
3030 location. Any
change in this value
will cause another
trigger event.