Some Occurrences of Linkers
Source: Ramos, T.V. (1971)Tagalog Stuctures
Uses of Linkers
Link words that are related to each
other as a modifier and a modified word
Kinds of Linkers
na - is a linker that connects when the
first word ends in a consonant.
Ng - is a variant of na which is attached
to the first word that ends in a vowel
Before or after the noun head
adjective + linker+ noun (or vice versa)
– payat na Maria
– Mariang payat
Demonstrative Pronoun + linker + noun
(vice versa)
– itong bahay
– bahay na ito
– both positions can occur for emphasis
• itong bahay na ito
Sa Pronoun (my, mine, his, her, etc.) +
linker + noun
– aking bahay
– iyong bahay
Interrogative Pronoun (who, what, etc.)+
linker + Noun
– Sinong taong ito?
– Aling pagkain ang gusto mo?
– Kaninong lapis ito?
– Ilang selyo ang gusto mo?
– Anong kalye ito?
Indefinite Pronoun (anybody,
somebody) + linker + noun
– ibang tao
– sinumang tao
Numeral +linker +noun
– tatlong babae
– apat na babae
Quantifier (expresses /in/definite
numbers/amount) + linker + noun
– kaunting kanin
– maraming tao
Noun + linker + noun
– kapatid na babae
– babaeng kapatid
title + linker + noun
– Binibining Crail
– Aling Michelle
– Ginoong Ben/Ginang Miller
Existential Particle (there is, there are
no..)+ linker+ noun
– mayroong lapis
– walang lapis
– ang tumatakbong bata
adverb (modify verb, nouns, adjectives)
+ linker+time noun
– tuwing umaga
– tuwing Oktubre
– tuwing lunes
Before Verbs
Pseudo Verbs (verb-like words, stative
verbs) + linker +Infinitive Verb
– Gustong Kumain ni Maria
– Maaring lumabas ang mga estudyante
– Kailangang mag-aral siya.