Vocabulary Week 3

Vocabulary Week 3
Day 1
Answer Day 1
• Caliph - ca·liph = nounhistorical
• The chief Muslim civil and religious ruler, regarded as the successor
of Muhammad. The caliph ruled in Baghdad until 1258 and then in
Egypt until the Ottoman conquest of 1517; the title was then held
by the Ottoman sultans until it was abolished in 1924 by Atatürk.
Answers Day 1
• Quran - Ko·ran = noun
• The Islamic sacred book,
believed to be the word of
God as dictated to
Muhammad by the
archangel Gabriel and
written down in Arabic.
The Koran consists of 114
units of varying lengths,
known as suras ; the first
sura is said as part of the
ritual prayer. These touch
upon all aspects of human
existence, including
matters of doctrine, social
organization, and
Day 2
Answers Day 2
• Pilgrimage - pil·grim·age = noun
• 1. A religious journey
• a pilgrim's journey
Answers Day 2
• Alms – alms = noun
• 1. The giving of money or food given to poor
Day 3
Answers Day 3
• Pillar - pil·lar = noun
• 1. A tall vertical structure of stone, wood, or
metal, used as a support for a building, or as
an ornament or monument.
Answers Day 3
• Faith – faith =
• 1. Strong
belief in God
or in the
doctrines of a
based on
rather than
Day 4
Answers Day 4
• Fast – fast = verb
• present participle: fasting
• 1. Abstain from all or some kinds of food or
drink, especially as a religious observance
Answers Day 4
• Sacrifice - sac·ri·fice = noun
• 1. An act of slaughtering an animal or person
or surrendering a possession as an offering to
God or to a divine or supernatural figure.