Borderline Intellectual Functioning

Borderline Intellectual
By: Emma Johnson
Thesis Statement
•People diagnosed with
Borderline Intellectual
Functioned are not stupid
or dumb, just different.
Forrest Gump
• “Stupid is as stupid does”
This quote is said by Sally Field in 1994’s Oscar winning
movie, Forrest Gump.
Forrest Gump, Played by Tom Hanks was Borderline
Intellectual Functioned so he was a bit slower than
everyone else.
• Most of the causes of “BIF” are from academic
pressure during the early stages of school.
Stress due to school in early years may cause a
lot of unknown symptoms. But a test at the
doctor’s can diagnose “BIF.” Even though it is a
hard syndrome to recognize, skilled doctor’s can
see when a child or adult is a victim of
Borderline Intellectual Functioning.
Have you ever seen a man or woman with…
*Poor working memory?
* Poor vocabulary?
* Sequential problems when writing?
*Poor ability to write a sentence?
Well if you have this person might have a chance
of being dyslexic or being Borderline
Intellectual Functioned.
Are “BIF” Patients Mentally Retarded?
• NO!
The IQ for Mental
Retardation is 70
and below.
The IQ for Borderline
Functioning is 71-84.
Down Syndrome
• Stupid, dumb, retarded, these are some
words that might come to mind when you
think of people with “BIF” but they actually
have a higher IQ and greater prosperity.
Retarded, is slang used to called someone
weird, stupid or even Mental Retarded, this
is a very serious diagnoses so please when
you call some one retarded think about the
people that deal with it everyday.
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