1-8 iCircle Tawhid Presentation

Module 1 – Circle 8
What is Tawhid?
Tawhid is the key central theme of Islam. The word
‘Tawhid’ means to make one. It means that Allah,
the Lord of the Worlds, is only One, and that there
is nothing worthy of Worship besides Him alone.
‘Obey, adore and worship Allah and associate no
partner with Him…’ (Qur’an 4:36)
Module 1 – Circle 8
What is Allah’s right?
Narrated Mu’adh: I was a companion rider of the Prophet on
a donkey called ‘Ufair. The Prophet asked, “O Mu’adh! Do
you know what Allah’s right on His slaves is, and what the
right of His slaves on Him is?” I replied, “Allah and His
Apostle know better.” He said, “Allah’s right on His slaves is
that they should worship Him (Alone) and should not
worship any besides Him. And the slave’s right on Allah is
that He should not punish him who worships none besides
Him.” I said, “O Allah’s Apostle! Should I not inform the
people of this good news?” He said, “Do not inform them of
it, lest they should depend on it (absolutely).” (Bukhari)
Module 1 – Circle 8
What is the Shahadah?
The word shahadah comes from the root word shahidah,
which means to witness something. The shahadah is
bearing witness that there is no God worthy of Worship
other than Allah.
‘And We did not send any Messenger before you (O
Muhammad SAW) but We inspired him (saying): Lâ ilâha
illa Ana [none has the right to be worshipped but I (Allâh)],
so worship Me (Alone and none else).’(Qur’an 21:25)
Module 1 – Circle 8
What makes a person a Muslim?
For the Ummah of the Prophet Muhammad, the
Shahadah is ‘I bear witness that there is no God
worthy of Worship but Allah, and I bear witness that
Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah’. A single
honest recitation of the Shahadah in Arabic is all
that is required for a person to become a Muslim.
This declaration, or statement of faith, is called
the Kalima, literally "word". Recitation of the
Shahadah, the "oath" or "testimony", is the most
important of the Five Pillars of Islam for Muslims.
Non-Muslims wishing to convert to Islam do so by
a public recitation of this creed.
Module 1 – Circle 8
What did the Prophet pbuh come to
‘Say (O Prophet), "I am but a mortal man like all of you. It is
revealed to me that your God is the One and Only God.
Hence, whoever looks forward to meeting His Sustainer, let
him do works that help others, and let him admit no one as
partner in the service [‘Ibadah] of his Sustainer.”’ (Qur’an
Module 1 – Circle 8
What is the way to true success?
‘Allah has promised those who have believed among you
and done righteous deeds that He will surely grant them
succession [to authority] upon the earth just as He granted
it to those before them and that He will surely establish for
them [therein] their religion which He has preferred for them
and that He will surely substitute for them, after their fear,
security, [for] they worship Me, not associating anything with
Me. But whoever disbelieves after that - then those are the
defiantly disobedient.’ (Qur’an 24:55)
Module 1 – Circle 8
Tawhid ar- Rububiyyah
Tawhid ar- Rububiyyah is the belief that there is only one
God for the entire universe, The One who is the Creator,
Organizer, Planner, etc. And He is Allah.
‘Say (O Muhammad): He is Allah, (the) One [Ahad]’ (Qur’an
Module 1 – Circle 8
Tawhid al- Uloohiyyah
Tawhid al- Uloohiyyah is the belief that no one has the right
to be worshiped except Allah alone. Worship includes many
activities such as prayer, invocations, asking for help
regarding the ghaib (unseen), offering sacrifice etc.
‘You (Alone) we worship, and You (Alone) we ask for help
(for each and everything)’ (Qur’an 1:5)
"Say (O Muhammad): "Verily, my prayer, my sacrifice, my
living, and my dying are (all) for Allah, the Lord of the
worlds. He has no partner. And of this I have been
commanded, and I am the first of the Muslims." (Qur’an
Module 1 – Circle 8
Is worship restricted to Prayer?
"And they were commanded not, except that they should
worship Allah, making the Religion (worship) purely for Him
alone, and to establish the prayer and give Zakaah."
(Qur’an 98:5)
"O mankind! Worship your Lord (Allah) who created you
and those before you so that you may become AlMuttaqoon (the pious)." (Qur’an 2:21)
Module 1 – Circle 8
Tawhid al- Asmaa wa Sifaat
Allah has 99 names. These are His
attributes. Some names include Ar-Rahman
(the Most Merciful) and Ar-Raheem (the
Most Kind).
"Allah there is no god but He. To Him belong
the most beautiful names"
(Qur’an 20:8)
Module 1 – Circle 8
Tawhid al- Asmaa wa Sifaat in detail
1) We must not attribute to Allah anything except of that He
or His Messenger (may peace and blessings be upon him)
attributed to Him.
2) Nothing can be attributed with the Names/Qualifications
of Allah (meaning we cannot name someone "Ar-Rahman",
because only Allah is "Ar-Rahman")
3) In Allah's Attributes that He gave himself and the Prophet
(May peace and blessings be upon him) attributed to Him.
We have to believe in the meanings completely without
changing or twisting them or likening them to any of the
Module 1 – Circle 8
What is the reward for one who
adheres to Tawhid?
Narrated ‘Ubada: The Prophet said, “If anyone testifies that
None has the right to be worshipped but Allah Alone Who
has no partners, and that Muhammad is His Slave and His
Apostle, and that Jesus is Allah’s Slave and His Apostle and
His Word which He bestowed on Mary and a Spirit created
by Him, and that Paradise is true, and Hell is true, Allah will
admit him into Paradise with the deeds which he had done
even if those deeds were few.” (Bukhari)
Module 1 – Circle 8