1.10 the meaning and importance of belief in

1.10 the meaning and
importance of belief in
Islamic teaching on the
revelation of the Quran to
The night of power
The most important event in the life of the prophet was
when he received the words of Allah for the first time .
Mohammed (saw) was meditating in the cave of mount
hira. While he was there he suddenly saw angel jibirl
who commanded him to recite the words of Allah. He
had never been taught how to read however he recited
surah 96 in the Quran. The words remind in graved in
his heart.
The importance of this revelation.
• it was the first words of the Quran
revealed to Mohammed (saw).
• He became the final prophet of Allah
because he had received the message.
• It proves that the words in the Quran of
the exact speech of Allah .
Done by Dina and Munilla