1. Can`t fill the purpose of revelation

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
What will I loose if I
don’t Understand the
Dr. Abdulazeez Abdulraheem
Here are just some of the
things that I loose if I don’t
understand the Qur’an
(May Allah help us avoid them all).
1. Can’t fill the purpose of
Tadabbur and Tazakkur – the very purpose of
revelation can not be performed. Allah says:
“ (Here is) a Book which We have sent down
unto you (O Muhammad!), full of blessings,
that they may mediate on its Signs, and that
men of understanding may receive admonition
One can not and does not carry translation
always, esp. while listening it in Salawaat!!!
2. Missing the ‘Reading’
Don’t even know the “reading” in the most common
 Example 1: Can I claim that I have read French paper
if I only read it without understanding???
 Example 2: Will I ever write in my Resume that I can
read so many European languages (because they use
the same letters as those of English). No! Because
that reading is of no use.
(Reward of reading is there but understanding of Qur’an
is also a must.)
3. Garden of mind …
The mind is like a garden. If you don’t sow
flowers, weeds will grow.
Even if you sow flowers, weeds will still grow.
You will need to remove the weeds
Flowers: Guidance; Weeds: Satanic thoughts
Allah sows flower seeds into our brain (every
time we listen to Qur’an, esp. in Salahs. If we
don’t water them (ponder), they will be wasted
and weeds may grow.
4. Not fulfilling objectives of
There are 5 objectives:
Shifaa (cure) of hearts and minds.
Munajaat (secret personal talk with Allah)
More on 4 and 5 in next slides.
5. Missing of the cleaning of
heart (Shifaa)
The main problem is Heart. Qur’an and
Hadith testify to it. Clean heart is essential for
all the higher levels.
People know that Fajr is compulsory but few
come to Masjid. Why? Because their heart is
We have a big confusion that Qur’an is a book
of commandments only. Commandments
constitute less than 10%. The rest 90% is for
the heart and mind (Shifaa or cure).
Missing of the cleaning of heart
The heart keeps rusting and deviating because
of sins. We need de-rusting and re-alignment.
Imagine. Adam (A) was asked not to go near
the tree. Allah says: “but he forgot; and We
did not find in him any determination.” We
humans have these weaknesses.
We have several fitnahs (trials) surrounding us.
We need continuous reminders and warnings
which come to us thru Qur’an daily.
Missing of the cleaning of heart
Umar (R) was changed just by listening to a
few starting verses of Taha. Where are we with
respect to Qur’an?
Qur’an will clean the hearts too. Allah says
about the Qur’an: “a healing for the (diseases)
in your hearts” [10:57].
No one can give a better formula than Allah.
6. Daily ‘talk’ missing (Munajaat)
Prophet pbuh used to interact with the recitation.
“And when he recited the Verses which
referred to the Glory of Allah, he glorified Him
(by saying Subhan Allah - My Rubb, the
Supreme is far removed from every
imperfection), the Great, and when he recited
the Verses that mention supplication, he
supplicated, and when he recited the Verses
that mention seeking Refuge of the Rubb, he
sought (His) Refuge.” [Muslim]
Daily ‘talk’ missing (Munajaat)
This is more on Munajaat. Can we live
without talking at least 5 min. everyday to our
near and dear ones.
Allah is Most beloved to us. He loves us more
than 70 times that of our mothers. Still we live
without bothering as to what He said today
during Salah or don’t even bother to open the
7. Missing Live Guidance
Whatever we read or listen the Qur’an, it is a
live guidance (Direct; Planned; Personal;
Relevant or DPPR).
It is a HUGE loss only if one appreciates the
value of live guidance from Allah, our own
A wise man can never neglect this.
8. Missing to strengthen RWA
There are different dimensions to the
relationship with Allah: His love, Sincerity,
trust in Him, remembering Him directly and
whenever we see His signs in creation,
pondering His creation and in His names, not
complaining of Qadaa, etc.
This relationship is strengthened over time. It
requires slow and steady cooking with regular
heat coming from Qur’an.
9. Strengthening of heart
Qur’an was revealed to the prophet pbuh in
pieces. “And those who disbelieve say: Why
has not the Quran been revealed to him all at
once? Thus, that We may strengthen your heart
by it and We have arranged it well in
arranging. [25:32].
Heart should be firm in belief to His promises
and warnings.
Example: A pious person was asked how he
woke up today? He said: With heaven and hell
in front of my eyes…
10. Qu’ranic Character
The Prophet’s (pbuh) life according to Aisha
(R) : “His morals were Qur’an”.
It takes time to bring in Qur’an into our life.
We need our life to be according to its
commandments (his orders and prohibitions).
If you read any book on success literature, you
will find the advice: Read it again and again
and slowly.
Cooking / Tajweed comes by …
11. Qur’anic Vision
Example. As a patient starts describing his
problems, the doctor’s mind starts diagnosis
along with the medicines.
During everyday, we come across many
situations. We should be able to see solutions
in Qur’an.
This level does take time and everyday
understanding and pondering of small parts
helps us in reaching this.
12. Missing 6 Reminders
Qur’an is a reminder. We should receive it as:
 Addressed to me directly (Direct)
 A reminder can not be random (Planned)
 It can not be irrelevant (Relevant for today)
 It is for me / my life (Personal)
Missing 6 Reminders everyday
6 reminders. 2 in Fajr, 2 in Maghrib and 2 in
Isha. (Because Imam can and should recite in
each of the rak’ah from any part of the Qur’an)
+ (and for ladies especially) every time we
read the Qur’an.
6 /day, 2000 per year, + 600 in Ramadan
About Reminder…
Allah says about His (beloved) slaves:
“And they who, when reminded of the
communications of their Lord, do not fall
down thereat deaf and blind.” [25:73]
 Do we listen to Qur’an like a deaf person (who
does not care to take it to heart) or read like a
blind person? Understanding Qur’an is
minimum to avoid ‘deafness’ and ‘blindness’.
Missing 6 Reminders everyday
Who is doing that reminder. The one who
loves each one of us more than 70 times our
mothers do.
And if still I continue (year after year)… Is it not like a person
(a foreigner secretary who is paid twice; does not know
English but just reads the company manual. You instruct him
everyday for his own dvlpmnt / promotion, and he just stands
there. Years pass by, but he makes no effort to learn English.
What will you call him??? Hard-hearted, not thanking for
favors, shameless? At least he should have some haya / shame
to appreciate the favors? ).
13. Missing overall efficiency
Some people keep reading the translations,
tafaseer, and other Islamic books.
They feel that they don’t need to understand
the Qur’an in Arabic. Their actions say it
louder than their words.
They simply don’t realize the POWER of
Qur’an in every thing: in convincing,
motivating, and leading to all the solutions.
Missing overall efficiency
Their efficiency, effectiveness, and vision will
be multiplied hundreds of times if they interact
with Qur’an directly on a daily basis.
If they are ‘satisfied’ with their translations and
Islamic literature, it is like a person who could
earn billions but was content with just
14. Missing Excellent Opportunities
There are times when you want to listen about
signs, or commandments or joys of the
hereafter or punishments in hell or so on.
If you want Allah to talk to you on the subject
you want, just open the relevant chapter!!!
Signs (Surah An’aam), history (A’raaf), story
(Yusuf), hereafter (30th Juz) and so on.
Missing Excellent Opportunity
Just recite it your self and feel (with firm belief)
that Allah is talking to you on that topic. What
an excellent feeling!!
Especially when you are traveling or waiting or
just alone. And if you have memorized the
Qur’an (or a part of it), you can just start
listening to Allah!
Something like asking your grandma to tell you a
story about (your topic), when u were a kid!
15. Missing the fine aspects
Some people just get vague ideas (by catching
a few words) that the Imam recited about
Aakhirah or signs etc. They don’t feel the
need to go further. They say: After all, I know
about Aakhirah so why do I need…
It is like someone equating the poetry of
biggest poet with an ordinary one; and say that
after all both are talking the same thing!!! He
has absolutely no sense of appreciation…
15. Missing the fine aspects
Each verse of the Qur’an has its own planned
‘programming’ for us. If it is Aakhirah, it may
be the paradise aspect which Allah wants us to
focus today on or the horrors of hell that we
have to keep in mind.
Don’t people listen to songs (for whatever
wrong reasons) or poetry? Don’t they find
that each song has its own effect… even tho’
all songs talk about love!!!
Standard Excuse - Busy
Most of us have just one excuse for not
learning Qur’anic Arabic. That we are busy.
When a person says, “I am Busy,” he is not
dead. Just doing something more important to
As if in 24 hrs everyday, 7 days in a week, he
has NO, absolutely NO slot for studying
Qur’an. Every thing else that he does is more
important than studying the Qur’an.
And If I Start
Understanding the
I will get all the benefits, inshaAllah,
If I Understand…
Can do tadabbur and tazakkur – the purpose
of revelation
Read it in the real sense
Avoid weed growth in my mind
Fulfill the objectives of recitation
Clean my heart regularly
Do Munajaat (secret personal talk) with
If I Understand…
Get live guidance
Strengthen my relationship with Allah
Strengthen my heart (on the commandments
of Allah)
10. Develop “Qur’anic Character”
11. Develop “Qur’anic Vision”
12. Benefit from all the reminders everyday
And improve myself a lot, inshaAllah.
May Allah give us
Tawfeeq to fulfill all the
rights of the Qur’an.
i.e., Believe, Recite, ponder, follow, and spread it.
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