Subject Complement
A subject complement is a word or group of words that
follows a linking verb and renames or describes the
What does it link?
• It links a subject to another noun; it renames the
• It links a subject to an adjective; it describes the
Predicate Nouns
A predicate noun follows a linking verb
and defines or renames the subject.
Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania.
Subject LV
Predicate Noun
The word “city” defines Philadelphia.
More Predicate Nouns
The capital of Pennsylvania is Harrisburg.
LV Predicate Noun
The word “Harrisburg” renames capital.
Predicate Adjectives
A predicate adjective follows a linking
verb and describes a quality of the subject.
Philadelphia cheesesteaks taste great.
Predicate Adj.
The word “great” describes cheesesteaks.
Can you find the complements?
The town of Hershey in Pennsylvania smells
delicious. A huge candy factory is the source
of this pleasurable sensation. Tourists seem
happy just to breath in the air.
Can you find the predicate noun in the paragraph?
Can you find the predicate adjectives?
delicious & happy
1. Chicago is the Windy City.
Windy City renames Chicago; it’s a PN.
2. This nickname is a reference to loud and windy
Reference renames nickname; it’s a PN.
3. Denver is the Mile-High City.
Mile-High City renames Denver; it’s a PN.
4. It is high above sea level.
High describes it; high is a PA.
5. Paris became the City of Lights long ago.
City of Lights renames Paris; it’s a PN.
6. It looks so beautiful at night.
Beautiful describes it; beautiful is a PA.
7. Molde, Norway, is the Town of Roses.
Town of Roses renames Molde, Norway; it’s a PN.
8. It’s rose gardens smell fragrant.
Fragrant describes gardens; it’s a PA.
9. Tin Can Island is the nickname for Niuafo’ou,
Nickname renames Tin Can Island; it’s a PN.
10. Tin cans are the containers that islanders used for
exchanging letters to passing ships.
Containers renames cans; it’s a PN.
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