1) Entrance Ticket
2) Current Events: Charlie Hebdo
3) Go Over Documentary
4) Intro to Tokugawa Japan
5) Exit Ticket
Entrance Ticket
Draw what a samurai looks like
Describe their lifestyle.
Current Events: Charlie Hebdo
Attack on Charlie Hebdo
12 were killed at a
political newspaper in
Paris, France
The attackers were two
Young Muslim Men
It is suspected that they
attacked because of the
newspaper’s insensitive
religious jokes
Go Over Documentary
Film: The Way of the Samurai
What did you learn about the Samurai?
What did you learn about Japan?
Intro to Tokugawa Japan
Comparing the three governments
Government Type
Ming China
Chosŏn Korea
Tokugawa Japan
Feudal System/
Weak Monarchy
In Ming China, the
Chinese Emperor was
the most powerful
figure and he ruled
with absolute power
In Chosŏn Korea, the
Korean King had
absolute authority, but
other government
officials were able to
influence him
In Tokugawa Japan,
the Japanese Emperor
was more celebrity
than ruler
Instead, powerful
military families
fought for control of
the land and
Comparing it to the Hunger Games
Like the Hunger Games, Japan was divided into different factions or
districts that competed with one another for power and influence
Women in Tokugawa Japan
Women could lead a
household in some cases
when there was no man
Samurai women were mainly
used as “borrowed wombs”
that would give birth to the
next generation of male
Exit Ticket
Now having learned a bit about all three East Asian
countries, which would you rather make your home
and why?