Your dolorous

Passage 8.6
theseus read the letter
dearest father i
can not except
demetrius as my mate for my heart lies with lysander i will
not abide being married to a man that i dont love your
dolorous daughter hermia then he audaciously supplicated
his ruler ah my duke he said i beg you to enforce the
athenian law which gives fathers absolute power over their
wayward daughters if hermia doesnt we demetrius i may
according to the law put her to death
Ten Extra Credit Points Available: Correct the “Caught Ya!” error, define the five bold words,
and circle a word that is ALWAYS capitalized.
Paragraph indentation x5
Punctuation error: Colon after
independent clause when introducing a
Skip lines between paragraphs and long
quotation x2 (optional; used for clarity)
Theseus read the letter:
Dearest Father,
I cannot except Demetrius as my mate, for my heart lies with
Capitalize proper nouns x10
Capitalize first word of greeting and
salutation in letter
Lysander. I will not abide being married to a man whom I don’t love.
Comma to separate greeting and salutation
in letter
Your dolorous daughter,
Capitalize proper pronoun x5 (I)
Spelling error: cannot is a compound word
Run-ons x4
*Correct one of three ways:
1. Separate into two sentences with
period and capital
2. Use comma and coordinating
conjunction (FANBOYS)
3. Separate with semicolon
Relative Pronoun error: who and whom are
used for people
Apostrophe in contraction (don’t, doesn’t)
Pronoun/antecedent error: noun required
Comma to separate mild interjection (Ah,)
Comma to separate dialogue and tag line
Comma to separate introductory adverbial
Comma to separate introductory adverbial
phrase (“In fact”
Comma to separate participial phrase
End punctuation inside quotation marks
Then Egeus audaciously supplicated his ruler. “Ah, my Duke,” he
said, “I beg you to enforce the Athenian law which gives fathers absolute
power over their wayward daughters. If Hermia doesn’t wed Demetrius, I
may, according to the law, put her to death.”
Passage 8.6
Errors: 48
Extra Credit:
• Caught Ya! Add an extra check to the Caught Ya! error if you got it right on your own.
• Vocabulary:
abide— (v.) to tolerate; stand; to endure, sustain, or withstand without yielding or submitting
dolorous— (adj.) full of, expressing, or causing pain or sorrow; grievous; mournful
audaciously — (adv.) with extremely bold or daring; recklessly brave; fearless
supplicate, -d — (v.) to seek or ask for by humble entreaty; to beseech
wayward — (adj.) turned or turning away from what is right or proper; willful; disobedient
• Proper Pronoun: The word “I” (first person, singular personal pronoun) is ALWAYS capitalized. We use this word as a
name for ourselves, replacing our proper name. (In some cultures, the word “He” is also a proper pronoun only when
used to rename God.) (BYW: You only get one point for this, no matter how many times you circled “I.”)
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