Basic Communication Skills. Empathy, Demonstration of

Basic Communication Skills.
Empathy, Demonstration of
Understanding. Advice and
Consulting. Application of the study
of Non-verbal Behaviour in Doctorpatient Interaction.
• Where are you from?
• What are your hobbies?
• Why did you choose studying at the medical
• What is the specialization you would like to do in
the future?
• What communication dificulties do you know
(your own, in society, in medicine)?
The most important in communication is to hear
what hasn´t been said.
(P. F. Drucke)
Good communication has stimulating effect
and it´s difficult to sleep after it.
(A. M. Lindberg)
• What is communication?
• Does a single definition of communication
• From the Latin word communicare, derived
from the word communis.
• What does the word communis mean?
• the imparting or exchanging of information by
speaking, writing, or using some other
medium (Oxford dictionary);
• means of sending or receiving information;
• is the activity of conveying information
through the exchange of thoughts, messages,
or information, as by speech, visuals, signals,
writing, or behavior;
Basic communication model
Who is a sender? What does he/she do?
What is a medium?
Who is a receiver? What does he/she do?
What is a code?
What can disturb this communication? What is communication
Communication options
a) Auditory or vocal communication method
(spoken language);
b) Visual communication method (facial
expression, exchange of views, gestures, body
movements, overall appearance);
c) Tactile method (touching, pushing);
d) Olfactory method (perception of smell);
e) Temperature method (body heat of another
f) Gustatory method (perception of taste)
Bacis form of communication
1. Verbal communication – communication through
language and speech. It characterizes human towards
other socially living animate being. And it is
exclusively human characteristics.
Verbal communication is characterized by the following
• Articulated speech, created by sounds, words,
• It is tied to language;
• Words are symbols with their meanings;
• It can express topics and contents which are present,
last or future;
Verbal communication
In a group:
Choose one famous person and describe
him/her using only 3 words.
Techniques of speaking
Pace of speech;
Rhythmic and melodic articulation;
Accompanying facial expression;
Basic form of communication
2. Non-verbal communication means summary
of non-verbal information which are
conscious or unconscious. Non-verbal
communication is divided into several groups
depending on non-verbal demonstration
Non-verbal communication
• Gesticulation;
• What do these
gestures mean?
Non-verbal communication
• Haptics;
Non-verbal communication
• Facial expressions;
Non-verbal communication
• Kinetics;
Non-verbal communication
• Proxemics;
Non-verbal communication
• Posturology;
Non-verbal communication
• Question?
In which situation do you control your nonverbal communication at least?
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