InfoAssist Tips and Techniques

InfoAssist Tips and Techniques
Chuck Wolff – Information Builders
June 5, 2014
Agenda – All items will be demonstrated
• UNM Specific WebFOCUS 8.0.02
• JOIN’s - Avoiding the dreaded FOC029 error “All sort
keys are not in a single top-to-bottom segment path”
• Date Range Filters (WHERE conditions)
• InfoMini
• New features with WebFOCUS 8.0.08 (Late Fall)
• RECOMPUTEs on Subtotal and Total lines
• Refresh Business Intelligence Portal
• WITHIN (Aggregation)
• Lightweight Mapping
• PowerPoint PPTX output format
• Magic Filters
JOINS – Avoiding the FOC029 Error
Date Range Filters
InfoMini enables you to develop mini applications. On a report-byreport basis, you can choose which features of InfoAssist to embed
into a report. An InfoMini application has two modes – interactive
and edit.
The interactive mode gives access to features available on
InfoAssist’s Home, Format and Slicers tabs. This includes features
such as the ability to change report format and add a heading. In
this mode there is no interactive canvas and or ability to alter the
The edit mode exposes additional functionality such as the
Resources Panel (field list, filter bucket, and query bucket) and the
Field Tab. In this mode the user can add/remove fields from the
query, style individual fields and perform other tasks. There is still
no interactive canvas since this is a smaller version.
InfoMini – Interactive Mode
InfoMini – Edit Mode
RECOMPUTE Subtotal and Total
Refresh BI Portal
Allows one report or chart to filter another report or chart in the BI Portal
Refresh BI Portal
WITHIN Aggregation
• Handle specific aggregation features at different
report levels by utilizing WITHIN phrase.
• WITHIN phrase manipulates a display field values
as they are aggregated within a sort group, rather
than a report group.
• Menu is located in the Display group on the Field
WITHIN Aggregation
Percentage distribution within entire column
Percentage distribution within Region
WebFOCUS Mapping Capabilities
Leverages Leaflet API to provide:
• Interactive mapping out-of-the-box
• 9 Layers of Zoom
• Translated Countries
• Choropleth (colored Polygons)
• Points
WebFOCUS Client
Leaflet API Call (GeoJSON)
Map-Tiling Engine
Alternate Map-Tiling Engine
ESRI, Google,etc
WebFOCUS Mapping Capabilities
WebFOCUS Mapping Capabilities
WebFOCUS Mapping Capabilities
WebFOCUS Mapping Capabilities
WebFOCUS Mapping Capabilities
PowerPoint PPTX output format
• With Office 2010, Microsoft introduced enhanced
presentation functionality in a new presentation file
format. From PPT -> PPTX.
• The new .pptx file is a binary compilation of a group of
xml files.
• Legacy PPT (.PHT) desupported in Office 2010 +
• Eliminates issues as customers move to later Office
• PPTX supports standard and enhanced styling of the
reports and the slides within each presentation
• New Features Added to PPTX only:
• Drilldown
• InfoAssist offers PPTX format for both reports, charts,
and documents
PowerPoint PPTX output format
Magic Filters
One set of parameters controlling multiple report/chart outputs
Magic Filters
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