Market a Sports Drink

Morgan Stonebridge, Tilden Blair, Eric Serpico, Alex Watsik
A sports drink is a beverage to help
rehydrate and replenish electrolytes,
sugar and other nutrients
 The functional energy drink market
consists of energy drinks, neutraceutical
drinks, smoothies, and sports drinks.
The Market
US $300 billion in terms of sales worldwide
in 2005
 global sports drinks market increased by
10% to 9.71 million liters in 2005
Market Trends
New brands support trends such as
natural and organic are being introduced
Companies have created sports drink
options for “the natural athlete” (offers
hydration and electrolyte replenishment
in a clean form with no artificial flavors,
preservatives or added sugar)
Customer Analysis
28% of U.S. Adults Are Physically Active
The Physically Active Are 54% More Likely to
Prioritize Nutrition
37% Use Sports Beverages
13% Use Energy/Diet Bars
53% of Adults Use Supplements
Not Just for Sports
PepsiCo’s - Gatorade
brand now has nine categories which are brand
names for different flavor profiles of Gatorade
largest gainer = Gatorade Rain which was
introduced in 2006, with a 376% increase, according
to IRI data
Product: G-series (prime, perform, recover) G-series
FIT, G-series PRO, G-series Natural
Price: Gatorade has a range of different prices to
accommodate the different types of the product
Place: Gatorade can be bought at almost every
store that sells drinks
Promotion: Use famous athletes to promote the
Coca-Cola - Powerade
Powerade and Powerade Option registered
as the No. 2 and No. 8 sellers
Product: Powerade comes in eight different
Price: The price’s of Powerade varies from
the different stores
Place: They can be bought at many stores
that sell drinks
Promotion: Powerade uses atheletes to
promote their product
Cadbury Schweppes Accelerade
popular in fitness conscious regular
uses a protein-based formula
Product: Accelerade, Accelerade Hydro
Price: About a dollar each
Place: Customers can buy Accelerade
online and at some stores
Promotion: Athletes who are not as well
Proposed target market for RJF
Our proposed target market is a wide
range of athletes from high school
sports to professional sports
 The younger target market will be more
of the focus because once they use the
drink they will most likely use it for a
longer time than the older target market
Marketing mix decisions for RJF
Product: Zoom NRG
 Price: $1.50 per bottle
 Promotion: athletes and ads on TV and
in internet
 Place: Any store that sells drinks