Lesson #15
Ayahs 92 – 103
Ayah 92
And Moses had certainly brought
you clear proofs. Then you took the
calf [in worship] after that, while
you were wrongdoers.
to Allah
of Sea
And Moses had certainly brought you clear proofs
Then you took the calf [in worship]
while you were wrongdoers
Ayah 93
And [recall] when We took your covenant and
raised over you the mount, [saying], "Take what
We have given you with determination and
listen." They said [instead], "We hear and
disobey." And their hearts absorbed [the worship
of] the calf because of their disbelief. Say, "How
wretched is that which your faith enjoins upon
you, if you should be believers."
Might and Power of Allah
The one who sides with a Dhawlim is a
dhawlim himself, even if he does not
commit the wrong.
Listening is the first step towards Amal
Every person has a false god - that
prevents a person from the obedience of
What is my “COW”?
Ayah 94
Say, [O Muhammad], "If the home of
the Hereafter with Allah is for you
alone and not the [other] people, then
wish for death, if you should be
"We are the children of Allāh and His beloved.“
[Al Maida:18]
"None will enter Paradise except one who is a Jew or a
[Al Baqarah:111]
"Never will the Fire touch us, except for a few days.“
[Al Baqarah:80]
If you are truthful in
your claims, then why
are you afraid of Death?
Why don’t you wish to
Ayah 95
But they will never wish for it, ever,
because of what their hands have put
forth. And Allah is Knowing of the
They didn’t want to die
because of their wrong actions.
Why do we fear death?
Is it because of our Amal?
If it is, then why don’t we
change our Amal?
Last week, we talked about…
The oath taken by the Bani Israel
Importance of listening and obeying
Love of the calf in their hearts
What is the “CALF” in our life?
Thoughts on dying and death – how confident
are we in meeting Allah SWT?
Ayah 96
And you will surely find them the most greedy
of people for life - [even] more than those who
associate others with Allah . One of them
wishes that he could be granted life a
thousand years, but it would not remove him
in the least from the [coming] punishment that
he should be granted life. And Allah is Seeing
of what they do.
Ayah 96 - Roots
• Noon Shaddah: most definitely
• Haa Raaw Saawd: strongly desire something;
its difficult to fulfill it so have to put in some
• Structure: Af ‘ al: superlative degree; MOST
•  Greedy for life
Ayah 96 - Roots
• Sheen Raaw Kaaf: to associate partners with
Allah, i.e. giving the share of Allah to others
• Waaw Daal Daal: intense love
• Aain Meem Raaw: 1. he is given the age of
1000 years 2. he is given a long life
• Zaa Haa Zaa Haa (4 ROOTS!) – to move away;
•  no matter how long a life we have, we
can’t delay death or the Hereafter
• These people want 1000 more years of life;
the more aged they become, the longer life
they want
• Even more than the Quraish because they
were warriors, they’d rather go to the
battlefield and fight to the death
Why do we want to live
If we are granted a last
wish before we die, what
will that be?
Even if we get to live a long life, this
can not prevent the punishment
Every Soul will Taste Death
Everyone of us will face Allah on the
Day of Judgement
Use Dunya to Earn Akhira!
Ayah 97
Say, "Whoever is an enemy to Gabriel - it is
[none but] he who has brought the Qur'an
down upon your heart, [O Muhammad], by
permission of Allah , confirming that which
was before it and as guidance and good
tidings for the believers."
Jibreel A.S.
• The person who is the enemy of Jibreel A.S.,
he should know, he should leave his enmity
because Jibreel A.S. is only obeying the
command of Allah
• His enmity is not going to change anything
Ayah 97 - Roots
• Baa Sheen Raaw – such good news that
makes the receiver happy; you can see it in a
person’s attitude
• The Qu’ran should enter the hearts; not just
knowledge  heart is the place where
feelings and emotions are
brought it
Tidings for
Means of
Upon Heart
of Rasool
Allah (s.a.w)
Qur’an is the Source of Guidance &
Quran is for the hearts, its not just
the information
Heart is a faculty of understanding
and retaining memory
and have hearts by which to
reason [al-Hajj: 46]
Paul Pearsall, MD, a
psychoneuroimmunologist and
author of The Heart's Code, has
researched the transference of
memories through organ
Check your hearts?
After reading the Qur’an, listening to it,
do I feel happy?
If I do, then this is a sign of a Eman.
& If I don’t then its Alarming!
Ayah 98
Whoever is an enemy to Allah and His
angels and His messengers and Gabriel
and Michael - then indeed, Allah is an
enemy to the disbelievers.
• Bani Israel used to say:
Mikael is our friend, but this
is not complete imaan,
because whoever is an
enemy to one angel, is an
enemy to all
• Revelation brings life to our
souls while rain brings life to
the earth
• Angels are beloved to Allah;
they’re all friends of Allah
Changes the
condition of
the heart
Changes the
condition of
the land
Whoever is an enemy
and Michael
and Gabriel
to Allah
and His
and His angels
then indeed Allah is an
enemy to the disbelievers
Enmity with Allah is to leave, hate or
go against His commands
He who hates Messenger, Angels or
Allah is a Disbeliever
Loving the loved ones of Allah, is a
means of attaining Allah’s pleasure.
O Allah! I ask of You Your love, the love of
whoever loves You and the love of those deeds
which would draw me to attaining Your love.
Ayah 99
And We have certainly revealed to you
verses [which are] clear proofs, and no
one would deny them except the defiantly
He knows the limits, still goes out of bounds
Minor Fisq
A believer disobeys
some commands, but
this does not make
him a disbeliever
Major Fisq
The person crosses the
limits and becomes a
disbeliever (knows
about the commands)
Clear Proofs
Ayah 100
Is it not [true] that every time they took a
covenant a party of them threw it away?
But, [in fact], most of them do not believe.
with Allah
with Rasool
Allah (s.a.w)
Ayah 100 - Roots
• Noon Baa Dhaal – to throw/reject something;
to discard something because a person finds it
useless in terms of its value; also to turn away
from something
• Context: every time the Bani Israel made a
promise with Allah, they threw it (a small
group did this)
Treaty of Madinah
• One with Allah - the covenants that we read about and that they would believe
in Allah and His messengers and support them. They denied the Prophet (s.a.w.).
Agreements made with the Prophet (saw) - when the Prophet (s.a.w.) went to
Madina. A covenant was signed between three groups:
1. Muslims
2. Jews
3. Mushrikeen of Madina.
• This covenant was known as the Treaty of Madina; had many clauses, but one
of main clauses was: That if someone attacks Madina from outside, then the
three groups would combat the enemy together. However, the Bani Israel did
not support the Muslims in this
Ayah 101
And when a messenger from Allah came to
them confirming that which was with
them, a party of those who had been given
the Scripture threw the Scripture of Allah
behind their backs as if they did not know
[what it contained].
Ayah 101 - Roots
• Waaw Raaw Yaa – something that is beyond;
1. as if they didn’t know this Book was from
• 2. as if they didn’t know the commands of the
• The Prophet met the description of the final
prophet in their book
• They threw away the Book:
• 1. The Qu’ran; they did not believe in it;
ignored it
• 2. The commands of Allah, that the people of
the Book believe in the teachings of their own
What is our state?
How do we deal with the Book?
How many of our children know who
the Messenger (saw) is?
How many of us know what is in the
Ayah 102
And they followed [instead] what the devils had recited during
the reign of Solomon. It was not Solomon who disbelieved,
but the devils disbelieved, teaching people magic and that
which was revealed to the two angels at Babylon, Harut and
Marut. But the two angels do not teach anyone unless they
say, "We are a trial, so do not disbelieve [by practicing
magic]." And [yet] they learn from them that by which they
cause separation between a man and his wife. But they do
not harm anyone through it except by permission of Allah .
And the people learn what harms them and does not benefit
them. But the Children of Israel certainly knew that whoever
purchased the magic would not have in the Hereafter any
share. And wretched is that for which they sold themselves, if
they only knew.
• Suleiman A.S. was the son of Dawud A.S. 
both were kings of Bani Israel
• He had birds, jinns and the wind under his
control (with the permission of Allah)
• The shaitaan put in the hearts of people that
Suleiman A.S. had all these things because of
magic to get the Bani Israel interested in this
• However, practicing magic is forbidden, and
Suleiman A.S. was not an unbeliever (got
everything from the fadl of Allah SWT)
• They thought he was a magician, but he was a
• Haarut and Maarut: 2 angels who knew magic,
were sent to the Bani Israel as a test
• Before teaching magic to anyone, they would
say “we are a test” but the people still
wouldn’t listen
• They learned magic that would create fights
between a husband and wife
and Recited
Ayah 102 - Roots
• Taa Laam Waaw – 1. what the devils recited;
2. what the devils followed (over here shaitan
refers to the evil jinns)
• Faa Taa Noon – to heat gold in fire; a situation
that is very difficult; a temptation
• Faa Raaw Qaaf – to divide
• Daawd Raaw Raaw – even if they practised
magic it would not take any effect until Allah
allows it
Ayah 102 – Roots
• Khaaw Laam Qaaf – a share of goodness; they
knew that by practicing magic, they would
have not good in the hereafter
• Selling your soul to the devil; If only they knew
the consequences of practicing magic
• The people purchased magic with their imaan
An effect whose cause is
unknown is Magic
Real Magic = Black Magic
There is no such thing as
innocent magic
• The Bani Israel were impressed with magic (what is
OUR state)?
• They continued to practice magic even after the time of
Suleiman A.S. (Labid bin Asam performed magic on the
Prophet SAW)
• Magic can destroy families
• An action may be forbidden but if Allah commands it,
then going against it is forbidden (ex. Sajdah to Adam
• If you are affected by magic, turn to Allah because
magicians can’t cure you
Allah is absolving Sulaiman(a.s) of shirk
Teaching & Practising Magic is Forbidden
& is Disbelief
Magic doesn’t harm a person without
Allah’s Permission
Magic used to separate a husband and
wife is a worst form of magic
• Instead of going to some scholar of deen, they
went to a magician
• Loosing deen, dunya and akhira by magic
• Benefit is very less in comparison with loss
• The price they paid was their iman
• If only they were they equally interested in the
Book of Allah
Ayah 103
And if they had believed and feared Allah,
then the reward from Allah would have
been [far] better, if they only knew.
Ayah 103 - Roots
• Thaa Waaw Baa – reward; something that is
returned; if only they knew about the better
gain in the hereafter
• Mathooba – return for their taqwa and iman
(if only they knew – reward of Hereafter is
much better)
• You have to have taqwa yourself; can’t blame
society for the wrong
• They had the knowledge but didn’t act upon
it; so this is not true knowledge
• Actions show what kind of ilm we have
The reward that is
with Allah is better
than everything
Review translation of ayahs 96-103
Next week: Lesson 16 (Ayahs 104-112)
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