Australian Animal the Ekaltadeta

Catherine and Aurelia
The Ekaltladeta is a giant meat-eating rat- kangaroo
marsupial (pouched mammal).
The Ekaltadeta Appearnce
The ekaltadeta has white spots, four legs, grey tail, two ears,
brown fur, black nose, two black eyes, and a pouch bigger than a
kangaroos. It can also have stripes.
The Ekaltadeta diet/food
The Ekaltadeta ate meat and plants. Its diet probably included the
Were the Ekaltadeta lives
Fossils have been found in northern Australia, at the
Riversleigh site (in Queensland).
Interesting facts
The Ekaltadeta lived 25 million years ago. The scientific name for it
is Evi .
Thankyou for watching
Catherine and Aurelia’s
research on the extinct
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