Great Britain

Karina Bober
& Irmina
The United Kingdom of Great
Britain and Northern Ireland
United Kingdom, the UK or
Britain) consists of England,
Scotland, Wales and Northern
Ireland. It is the ninth largest
island in the world, and the
largest European island. With a
population of about 60.0 million
people, it is the third most
populous island in the world.
Elizabeth II is
the monarch
of United
Kingdom. She
was born in
London ‚ 21
April 1926.
Buckingham Palace, in
London, is the official
residence and office of the
British monarch.
Soldiers guarding the
Buckingham Palace
 The capital - Edinburgh
 Languages – English, Scots, Scots Gaelic
 Patron - St. Andrew (November 30th)
 Main Religions - Protestant and Roman Catholic
 National symbol – The Thistle
 The capital - Cardiff
 Languages – English, Welsh
 Patron - St. David (March 1st)
 Main Religions - Protestant and Roman Catholic
 National symbols - The Leek and the Daffodil
 The capital - London
 Language – English
 Patron - St. George (April 23rd)
 Main Religions – Protestant, Roman Catholic, Muslim, Hindu
 National symbol - The Red Rose
National symbol
of Englad, it can
be found
especially in
London. When
you visit London
you must go on
a trip around the
town by doubledecker.
Another symbol of
London, taditional
method of making
phone calls, insted
of using mobile
 Capital - Belfast
 Languages – English, Irish Gaelic
 Patron - St. Patrick (March 17th)
 Main Religions – Protestant and Roman Catholic
 National Symbols - The Shamrock and the Harp
The leprechauns
spend all their
time busily making
shoes, and store
away all their
coins in a hidden
pot of gold at the
end of the
In Great Britain
children have to wear
uniforms when they
are at school.
They travel to school by school bus.
In Great Britain there are many different races and
religions, but all people live together peacefully
and help each other.
Chocolate eggs are
given to children.
The eggs have a
usually covered with
silver paper.
- Good Friday - Wielki Piątek
- Easter Sunday - Niedziela Wielkanocna
- Easter Monday - Poniedziałek Wielkanocny
- take part in - brać udział w
- egg hunts - polowanie na wielkanocne jajka
- dyed eggs - farbowane/kolorowe jajka
- hidden (od czasownika hide - ukryć) - ukryte