Religion Children`s Activity Book Instructions

Religion Activity Book Directions
Together with your partner you will create an activity book (mostly) in class that profiles
an assigned religion. You will have the majority of 2 class periods to complete this
assignment but additional time will be needed outside of class. The books format is up to
you but should consist of about ½ activities and ½ text.
Required Info and Points
☐ Name of Religion 2
☐ Major Holidays & Descriptions 8
☐ Type of Religion 2
☐ Building of Worship & Explanation 8
☐ Founder(s) 2
☐ Death Practices 4
☐ Sacred Text(s) 4
☐ Map with labeled... 15
☐ Symbol of Religion 5
☐ Hearth
☐ Basic Beliefs 10
☐ Diffusion
☐ Major Sects and Key Differences 15
☐ Distribution
-Table or Chart suggested
☐ Explanation of Diffusion / Lack of 8
☐ Sacred Sites or Landscapes
☐ Origin story 15
☐ Number of Adherents 2
Required Format
 Include a cover page, a table of contents that identifies which activity related to each
requirement above, and an answer sheet for any puzzles or games
 There must be at least 2 illustrations or graphics per page
 No activities that do not provide the reader with information about the religion
*Establish an effective way to communicate with your group.
Pull your weight – Zero excuses
Cultural sensitivity is paramount in this course but especially during this chapter
on religions. Keep this sensitivity at the front of your mind during this project.
*Special note for Islam:
It is taboo and HIGHLY offensive to draw Allah and the prophet Muhammad
Do NOT do this. Instead I suggest using Islamic calligraphy to decorate your
assignment. Please consult me before any people are drawn into your book.
*Special note for Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism:
Although the swastika originates with these religions, see me BEFORE you
proceed with drawing this symbol because of the Nazi connotations that are
associated with it.
Activity Suggestions with Suggested Items
The list below is only for suggestion purposed, this is NOT the required format of the
assignment. If you would like to see an example you can see me during SAP / HWC.
 Find the Differences
 Word Jumble
o Definition Hints
 Coloring Pages (with text information)
o Building Of Worship
o Origin Story
 Color by Numbers
o Map
o Pie Charts
o Death Practices
 Connect the Dots
o Religious Symbol
 Word Search / Crossword Puzzle
 Decode the Message
 Find the Hidden Item
 Fill in the Blanks