Medical Terminology slideshow

Medical Terminology
• Medical terms are made up of parts of words (elements)-
prefixes, roots and suffixes. Most originate from Greek
or Latin words.
The combination forms our medical terms.
Prefix-a word element placed before the root. Always
used with a root! Example olig (scant); oliguria (scant
Root-the word element containing the basic meaning of
the word. It can be combined with other roots, prefixes or
suffixes. A vowel (o or i) is added when 2 roots or a suffix
is added to the root to help with pronunciation (if not one).
Suffix-word element placed after a root. Always used
with a root! Nephro (kidney); -itis (inflammation of)
Medical Terminology (cont)
• Medical terms are formed by combining the elements.
Prefixes are first and suffixes are last.
The suffix-ectomy (excision, removal of) is combined with
the root-mast (breast) to form mastectomy-removal of the
breast. Sometimes 2 suffixes can be used.
The prefix-dys (bad, difficult, abnormal) is combined with
the root-pnea (breathing, respiration) to form dyspneadifficulty breathing.
The prefix-endo (inner, inside) is combined with the rootcard (heart), and the suffix- itis (inflammation) to from
endocarditis-inflammation of the inner side of the heart.
Medical Terminology Challenge
• Determine the medical
condition based on the prefix,
root (start by deciding main
word), and suffix (if presentit comes first) found on pages
72-73 of your textbook. Pair
with the most correct answers
Practice: Heart (root) + enlargement (suffix)=
cardio + (o or i) + megaly = cardiomegaly
Kidney (root) + disease (suffix)
Blood (root) + excessive flow (suffix)
stomach + creation of an opening
blue + condition (be careful picking)
Without, not, lack of + breathing,
Skull + incision, cutting into
Vein (use 1st on list) + inflammation
clot, thrombus + cell + lack, deficiency
Bonus: excessive, too much, high +
thyroid + a condition
• What does CABG stand for?
• Describe Biot’s respirations