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Not on My Turf!
These images will play on the
conventional representation of four
sports players, each from four different
Group 10
Britta Winans, Shannon Dwyer,
Lorena Bonner, Catrina Muffoletto
Image Sources
Mark Teixeira
Cristiano Ronaldo
Tom Brady
Juan Martin del Potro
Soccer Field
Baseball Field
Tennis Court
Football Field]
The Players:
1. Juan Martin del Potro (Tennis player, Reigning
US Open Champion)
2. Tom Brady (Football player, New England
3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Soccer player, Real
4. Mark Teixeira (Baseball player, Yankees)
The Tower of Tandil
Juan Martin del Potro is a tennis player
known for his immense stature, which is
irregular of men in his field. Far and wide, his
opponents have come to fear “The Tower of
Tandil.” Because of this, it would be
interesting to Photoshop him into his
hometown of Tandil and enlarge his image to
be taller than its tallest buildings.
A Dwarf
Juan Martin del Potro, has mockingly been
called “Enano” by his friends. It is ironic
because the US Open Tennis Champ stands at
an impressive 6’6. An image could be Juan
Martin as a tall dwarf, portraying the irony of
his nickname.
A Day in Someone Else’s
This image will depict Tom Brady in a
tennis uniform instead of football
padding, carrying a tennis racket in
substitute for a football.
The background will feature a grand
stand full of fans.
Soccer or FOOTball?
This image will depict Christiano Ronaldo in his red
soccer jersey on the patriots football field, in their
stadium. The picture will most likely not be full body,
but rather his upper half and his fist raised in a “fist
pump” action. However, instead of a fist pump,
Ronaldo will be holding a football, making it look like
he is throwing a one to another teammate. His face
will be tense and sweaty, deep with concentration and
determination to get that football into the end zone to
score a touchdown rather than a goal. There will be
words going across the page displaying “soccer or
football”. This play on words will intensify the irony.
Hittin’ it Outta the Field
This image will depict Mark Teixeira,
a baseball player for the New York
Yankees, up “at bat” while on a
soccer field. The baseball bat in his
hands will actually be a hockey stick
or a golf club, and his cleats will be
ice skates. Behind Teixeira, will be
goal posts, to represent football.
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