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Cougar Scheduler and Logistic Services
One-Stop Shop
For Services, Equipment & Staff
Cougar Kickoff Bike Ride
Welcome Back Picnic 2010
ONE-STOP to planning a successful event at
Columbus State University!
The Logistic Services department has been created to provide
service to the campus community as a centralized location for
event management/coordination. Logistic Services will also
assist outside groups and organizations who are interested in
reserving space for activities and special occasions.
Logistic Services is responsible assisting in the planning,
coordination, implementation and tracking of events hosted by
Columbus State University. The delivery of a range of high
quality events is a key element in realizing and maintaining the
university’s high profile in local, national and international
communities. Events such as visits, seminars, public lectures,
functions, openings, launches and conferences raise the public
profile and showcase Columbus State University.
West Point Ribbon Cutting 2009
Logistics Services Department can offer you
guidance with regard to planning your event,
but we cannot plan your event for you. We can
walk you through planning, provide guidance on
university protocol and schedule the resources
you may need.
Project Plan for of Cougar
Ad Astra was renamed Cougar Scheduler and
restructured to be used for both Academic and
Event scheduling.
The final stages of programming the Cougar
Scheduler have been completed.
The Cougar Scheduler is now a one-stop shop
for scheduling events and creates a master
calendar of events for the University.
The Master Calendar will be in the Active Data
software, which is a friendly to use, print and view
calendar software.
Event locations throughout the campus have been
added to include River Park Campus, West Point,
Woodruff Park (green space at Theatre on the Park)
and even , campus parking lots.
The system is up and running and the Schwob School
of Music has been using this system throughout the
development process.
Custom reports are currently being created for different
event areas and Veronica Freeman will be contacting
building coordinators for their input.
A summary of CSU booking space and needs will be
available via the Cougar Scheduler and the eQuest work
order system.
Cougar Scheduler Format
Customers looking for event space can click on
the main campus web page under the Facilities
link and it will take them to our Facilities web page.
The form will also have a link to the Logistic
Services website that will have a complete list of
all building/event coordinators and contact
Process of Cougar Scheduler
Space requests can be completed online by customers or by the
building/event coordinators.
Building/event coordinators will grant or deny permission for
the use of their assigned building/locations within the email
response for customer.
Cougar Scheduler will notify the customer by email, informing
of the status of their request.
If permission is given, the building coordinators will schedule
the event space in Cougar Scheduler.
Logistic Services , Plant Operations, University Police and
recruitment will be copied on the final arrangements for the
Cougar Scheduler will automatically update the event
information to the Master Event calendar.
The master calendar will be located on the Logistic Services
website for review. (Permission needed to view)
Building coordinators are responsible for creating a Master
eQuest work order under the Logistic Services project in the
eQuest system for all services and needs including: event set up,
cleaning, linens, sound, A/V equipment, tech support, event
transportation, security, unlocking/locking of facilities, signs and
parking lot use.
Logistic Services will create all subtasks from the
master eQuest work orders to the appropriate
departments for support.
Logistic Services is responsible for keeping the Master
Calendar updated for the University.
Master Calendar
Not for Public View
Event Request
Customer fills out event form
Customer fill out dates needed
Customer needs
Request Completed
Request Confirmation
Event Request
2:18 pm
The following event request was submitted. Please follow the link below to process the request.
Click here to approve or decline this event request
Request Number
Event Name
Test 190
Coordinator will receive an email from the
scheduler to accept or deny request
Can enter the Cougar Scheduler from
[email protected] to me
show details 2:34 PM (19 minutes ago)
Event Request
2:34 pm
The following event request was submitted. Please follow the link below to process the request.
Click here to approve or decline this event request
Request Number
Event Name
Event Name
From email you can enter Cougar
Scheduler for approval
Approve on this page: Green = Approve
Red = Denied
Blue = More Information
Click save to approve
Once approved you need to book
Choosing the
Reserving room/space/location
Sending response to customer
If declined you need to give a reason
If you need more information ask
within the provided area.
Additional Information
Event Request
3:36 pm
Request Number
Event Name
Additional information is required to process your request. Please
contact me with the following information:
You will be required to list what information the customer will
have to provide you with.
Requesting Events in Academic
Previous Academic Classroom Request Form
New Request Form and Calendar
Requests for Staff, Equipment or
Must be scheduled through the
eQuest System
Once your event has been
scheduled through the
Cougar Scheduler and the
Logistic Services department
receives confirmation from
the facility coordinator, the
Facility Coordinator will need
to place the Master work
order for services through
the Logistic Services projects
in the eQuest system.
Logistic Services will require
that 1 master work request be
placed through the eQuest
system. The master eQuest
includes the event detail, the
location, date, time and
equipment that is needed for
the event. This is important
so that we are able to ensure
we have staff and equipment
in place to cover the event.
The work order also must
have an account number for
appropriate invoicing.
Logistic Services will use the
eQuest work order system to
charge each department for
their event related charges as
they may apply. From the
master eQuest the Logistic
department will create
subtask for all services and
equipment needed for your
Columbus State University
offers a wide-range of
facilities to accommodate any
event from meetings to
banquets to theater shows.
Our department will work
with Facility Coordinators to
provide all clients with an
appropriate facility with all
amenities and technical
support to assure the
successful completion of
your next meeting or event.
In the summary, type in a brief description of what the event is, such as:
the event title, move furniture, pick up boxes, need a sign made.
It does not have to be lengthy, nor do you need to describe all of the details
In the summary.
The logistics project is set up for you to enter detailed information regarding
Your specific needs once you choose what type of service you need.
Tell us if you want us to set up and break down your event.
We can schedule a walk through for your even also.
You will then choose an event Sponser. Who is hosting this event?
The event Date/and time are very critical for you to complete. We may have
Several events being held on the same day. If we know what time the event needs
To be set up and broken down, this helps us to schedule staff appropriately.
Please give us an estimated attendance amount, this assists us with
Scheduling enough time to not only set up your event, but also to
Schedule the appropriate amount of staff.
We also need know if your event is open to CSU only or to the public.
Events that are open to the public will always require a larger amount
Of staff and planning.
We like to know who is catering the event so that if we have a question about
How they are going to set up their area we can contact them.
If your event requires specific areas to be cleaned before, during, or after your
event, we need this section completed to schedule our staff to accommodate your
Linen services are also available. Since our linens are sent out to be cleaned,
We will need this information to ensure that we have enough “clean” for
Your event and in the correct sizes for the tables you are requesting.
Audio visual equipment requires extra set up time not only to set everything up
But also to ensure that all components are working properly BEFORE YOUR
EVENT STARTS. Any software files will have to be passed on to our staff to
Ensure that your files and our equipment are working well together.
If you are requesting a sound tech to run the equipment during your event, a
Sound tech will have to be scheduled to run the equipment during your event.
Print section
Any transportation needs not only require vehicle planning, but also driver
scheduling. The transportation department has to be notified in advance so
that we can ensure that we have enough vehicles to accommodate your needs.
Please include a complete agenda or your event for transportation. List all stop and
go locations during this event.
Signs that need to be made require detailed advanced.
Pre-planning and notifying the CSU Police Department and/or medical
Services requires us to coordinate with another department, this information
Is critical.
A copy of the permit must be attached to the equest.
If temporary structure are to be built this section needs to be completed.
Tents, etc.
If you need electricity or water that is not provided or accessible to your
event this section is to be completed.
Make any special requests in this section.
Thank you for your time
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