Academic Scheduling

Academic Scheduler User Group Meeting
Academic Scheduler User Group
January 30, 2015
Welcome and Introductions
Catalog/Curriculum – Susan Olivas
 Selected Topics Courses
 2015-2017 Catalog Release June 2015
Academic Scheduling
Scheduling Process
Helpful Tools (handout) & Dashboards – Use of Tools
Managing Your Schedule
Dates to Remember
Course Demand – Debbie Arseneau
Academic Scheduler User Group Meeting
Today’s Agenda
Topic-Based Courses
 Subtitle/Topic Courses (e.g. CM 424, ENGL 439)
 Selected Topic Courses (“470s”)
2015-2017 Catalog
 Effective Summer 2015
 Courses that roll and don’t roll to newly created terms
 Component types, unit values, and contact hours are related
1 unit of LEC, SEM, DIS = 1 contact hour
1 unit of ACT = 2 contact hours
1 unit of LAB = 3 contact hours
Academic Scheduler User Group Meeting
New Feature in PASS – Show all GE
Academic Scheduling
 Each term has 3 scheduling phases.
Can you name them?
• Planning: Building registration
• Proofing: Final review prior to registration
• Reporting: Finalizing schedule for
reporting purposes
Academic Scheduler User Group Meeting
Scheduling Process
Academic Scheduling
 Departments build schedule in PeopleSoft.
 Department focus:
• Building registration
• Communicating special instructions to University
Scheduling staff
• Thoroughly review your data (notes,
consent codes, valid meeting patterns)
• Use available tools (handout)
• Dashboards (Schedule of Classes, Time Spread,
Course Demand)
• Planning Checklist sent with the Planning material
Academic Scheduler User Group Meeting
Scheduling Process: Planning Phase
Academic Scheduling
 University Scheduling Staff Focus:
• Validate the data and verify coding for registration
(consent code, notes, unit values, valid meeting
• Communicating to departments questions that need a
department response.
• Assign university lecture rooms.
• 175-200 unaccommodated lectures, UCS staff negotiates
day/time changes with departments for placement in
University Lecture Space
• UCS staff has approximately 3 weeks to negotiate changes
Academic Scheduler User Group Meeting
Scheduling Process: Planning Phase
Academic Scheduling
 Final review of the schedule prior to PASS becoming
available for students to begin planning and registering
for classes.
 Minor changes are expected.
 If day/time changes are submitted at this time,
changes are dependent upon availability of university
lecture rooms. Use your tools to look for room
Academic Scheduler User Group Meeting
Scheduling Process: Proofing Phase
Academic Scheduling
 Validating your schedule for reporting purposes to the
Chancellor’s Office.
 Focus is mainly on instructor assignments and faculty
Academic Scheduler User Group Meeting
Scheduling Process: Reporting Phase
Academic Scheduling
 UCS is responsible for ensuring that:
• Students can register for your classes without unnecessary
barriers and
• Your classes have a room assignment.
 Departments are responsible for:
• Meeting deadlines,
• Replying quickly and completely to questions, and
• Clearly communicating your needs to UCS.
Academic Scheduler User Group Meeting
Managing Your Schedule
 Change is inevitable, but…
• Why so many changes at Proofing?
• What would help?
Academic Scheduling
 Spring Registration Begins: Tues, Feb 10
 Summer Open Lab: Mon, Feb 2, 1-3pm, 35-217D
(You may use this open lab for Fall data entry as well)
 Summer Planning & Instructions Due: Wed, Feb 4
 Fall Open Lab: Thurs, Feb 12, 3-5pm, 35-217C
 Fall Planning & Instructions Due: Fri, Feb 13
 Please respond promptly to emails and deadlines
Academic Scheduler User Group Meeting
Dates to Remember
Course Demand
 How does your department use this data?
 How catalog changes affect demand data for Fall
 PolyPlanner Update
 Another variable: UCS uses course demand data to
help prioritize who is accommodated when a room
becomes available and trying to accommodate classes
with the highest demand.
Academic Scheduler User Group Meeting
Course Demand Data
 Any questions for other schedulers?
 …for the University Scheduling Team?
 …for the other presenters?
Academic Scheduler User Group Meeting
Open discussion
Catalog/Curriculum [email protected]
Susan Olivas, Shayna Bailey, Pam Bleisch
University Scheduling [email protected] x6-2461
Kathleen Agostini, Vicky Myers, Michele Reynolds, Bianca Uway
Master Calendar [email protected] x6-5550
Cesar Galvez & Michele Reynolds
PolyPlanner, Dashboards & Course Demand
Debbie Arseneau x6-7717 Carolyn Polvi x6-6037
Registrar’s Office [email protected] x6-2531 (student) or x6-2532 (staff/faculty)
Classroom Technologies [email protected]
Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology [email protected] x6-7244
Patrick O’Sullivan
Academic Scheduler User Group Meeting
Contacts & Resources
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