2013-2014 Strategy - Quest for Distinction

Quest for Distinction
Strategies for 2013-2014
December 2013
The university senior leadership identified strategies for each
ULI for 2013-2014
2013-2014 Strategy
Enhance the university’s ability to attract
talented and diverse terminal degreeseeking students
ULI 1:
Quality and
Student Success
2013-2014 Strategy
Define and develop platforms for learning innovation
and student success
2013-2014 Strategy
Refine institutional policies and practices to enhance financial
literacy and assist students to manage debt
Identified strategies for University-Level Initiative 2
2013-2014 Strategy
Identify and deploy resources and processes
necessary to increase the number of talented
and diverse faculty and staff
ULI 2:
Faculty and
staff excellence
2013-2014 Strategy
Continue implementation of the Great Place Initiative
to advance service excellence and enhance a climate
and culture of trust
2013-2014 Strategy
Define faculty excellence and develop infrastructure, resources, and
processes necessary to support measurement and continuous
Identified strategies for University-Level Initiative 3
2013-2014 Strategy
Leverage interdisciplinary collaboration,
translational research and learning to
enhance national and international
ULI 3:
discovery, creative
expression and
2013-2014 Strategy
Assess university-wide research space capacity and
needs, and implement strategies to increase and
optimize space utilization
2013-2014 Strategy
Enhance, support and provide professional development for the
continued growth of community-engaged research, scholarship and
creative expression
Identified strategies for University-Level Initiative 4
2013-2014 Strategy
Lead a consortium of collaborators to
significantly enhance the Greater Richmond
Region’s economic development outcomes
ULI 4:
cultural and civic
2013-2014 Strategy
Capitalize on the institution’s strengths in the visual,
performing and literary arts
2013-2014 Strategy
Implement and enhance academic and community programs that
support the intellectual and cultural engagement in the humanities
and social sciences to advance university priorities
Identified for University-Level Initiative 5
2013-2014 Strategy
Develop and implement strategies to
attract new funding sources and encourage
the broader engagement of all VCU
ULI 5:
of resources
2013-2014 Strategy
Implement a transparent, university-wide financial analysis,
planning and reallocation process that supports the
strategic goals of Quest for Distinction
2013-2014 Strategy
Evaluate the impact of the per credit hour tuition model, and focus
resources to develop intervention and student support strategies to
continue progress toward enhanced student success and alter the
model as necessary
Quest implementation supported by data-driven reporting and