Sacred and Secular Painting:
Uli and Yoruba Orisa Painting
Uli—practiced by women in Igbo land
Orisa painting—practiced by women in Yorubaland
ancient art of decorating the walls and shrines of ancestral divinities
Natural pigments:
Red ocher, yellow ocher, white/kaolin
Egg shells
Plant juices—indigo, vines, berries and pods
Paint brushes, rags, feathers, pots, calabashes
Natural Red Pigment for ritual painting
Paint pot
Painting brushes
Uli Painting
Uli design patterns
Uli decorations
Uli painting on communal shrine, igbo, Nigeria
Uli shrine wall at Nri, Igbo, Nigeria
Uli painting, Igbo, Nigeria
Uli painting
Obiora and Ada Udechukwu,
Wearing Uli designed fabrics
Obiora Udechukwu, Our Journey, Acrylic on canvas, panels 3, 4, 1993
Yoruba Ritual Painting
Yoruba, Nigeria
Wood, pigments
20th century
Painting the head of an infant
In the ritual of
“knowing the inner head”
Orisa Priestess with painted forehead
Obatala shrine, Ile Ife, Nigeria
Orisa Popo Shrine
Ogbomoso, Nigeria
Ritual painting inside a
Museum, Osogbo, Nigeria
Sacred painting on the façade of a shrine in Ayegunle-Ekiti, Nigeria
Sacred Painting for Ogun, Ilesa, Nigeria
Oluorogbo shrine painting
Ile Ife, Nigeria
Women writing on the ground at the beginning of the annual painting rituals
Women painters in front of their work, Ijero Ekiti, Nigeria
Priestess of Obaluaye
Ile Ife, Nigeria
The painting process,
Ile Ife, Nigeria
Orisaikire Shrine painting, Ile Ife, Nigeria
Michael Harris,
Love Shrine,
Mixed media,
Michael Harris,
Soul Chart,
Mixed media
Rotimi Fani-Kayode,
Soponna, Yoruba deity of the Poxes
Photograph, 1987
Bolaji Campbell,
Soil on canvas,
Bolaji Campbell,
Soil on burlap,
Bolaji Campbell,
Soil on canvas,
Bolaji Campbell, and the chameleon said…, oil on canvas, 2000

Sacred and Secular Painting-