The Case for Clemson Wrestling

The Case for Clemson Wrestling
Seizing The Moment!
(A Unique Opportunity in Time)
Prepared by:
The Clemson Wrestling Alumni Steering Committee
Alan C. Leet - The College Sports Council
With Support from:
National Wrestling Coaches Association, The US Olympic
Committee, NUWAY, and USA Wrestling
Thank You
For Hosting our Wrestling Reunion
Going Into Our 4th Year
For Recognizing Noel Loban and Sam
Henson in the Athletic Hall of Fame
For Taking Time to Meet Today
The History of Clemson Wrestling
Term of Program: 1977-1995
Conference Success
National Success
International Success
Successful Citizens Serving Their
Communities and Nation
National and Regional Trends in
the Sport of Wrestling
The Popularity of Wrestling in South
Carolina and the Southeast is Growing
Despite the Sport’s Popularity
Intercollegiate Wrestling Opportunities
are Very Limited in the Southeast
High School Wrestlers are an UnderRecruited Talent Pool Nationally
Clemson Uniquely Positioned to
Add Wrestling
Win Championships; Build a Nationally
Competitive Program
Modest Costs and Facility Needs
Helps Achieve Mission Statement and Goals
ACC on the Rise; A Natural Extension of
Conference Programs
Strong Alumni Group
What Does Wrestling Offer?
HUGE National Exposure and Access to
Attracts Highly Motivated Student-Athletes
A Proving Ground for Military and Corporate
Consultative Sources
Steve Erber – Asst. AD
Rob Cole – Head Coach
Dave Martin – Sr. Assoc. AD
John Smith – Head Coach
Tim Curley – Athletic Dir.
Jan Bortner – Assoc. Head Coach
Derek van der Merwe –
Sr. Assoc. AD
Tom Borrelli – Head Coach
John Barrett – Assoc AD
Brendan Buckley – Head Coach
Chris Boyer – Sr. Assoc. AD
Kerry McCoy – Head Coach
Jon Jaudon – Assoc. AD
Tony Roby – Asst. Coach
Debbie Yow – Asst. AD
Carter Jordan – Head Coach
Valerie Richardson – Asst. AD
Steve Garland – Head Coach
Beth Miller – Asst. AD
C.D. Mock – Head Coach
Jon Jackson – Athletic Dir.
Clar Anderson – Head Coach
Consultative Sources
Mike Moyer – Executive Director
Jordan Griffith – Senior Director
Rich Bender – Executive Director
Leo Kocher – President and
University of Chicago Professor & Wrestling Coach
Scott Blackmun – CEO
Dave Dean - Founder
John Mitchell – SC Director
Cliff Fretwell – GA Director
Next Steps?