Ms. Bonnie Kanitz
Director, DeCA East
 Define Mission and Vision
 Set Goals and Expectations
 Select your Team
– Define roles of each team member
• Get the right people on the team
• Get them to work together for a
common goal
• Raise their standard of performance
To lead is to serve, nothing more and
nothing less!
 Coach and mentor your team
– Establish trust
– Keep it professional
– 4 C’s critical to team success
 Learn about world-class simplicity
 Focus on results
 Do the basics better than your
 Positive
– Ability to go, go, go!! – thrive on
action and relish change
– Start and end the day with
 Ability to
– Get others revved up
– Inspire your team to take on all
– Knowledge of your operation and
strong persuasion skills
– Courage to make tough yes or no
– Effective people know when to stop
assessing and make a tough call –
even without total information
– Indecisiveness keeps organizations in
 Ability to
– Get the job done
– Put decisions into action and push
them forward to completion – through
resistance, chaos, or unexpected
 People with
– Have a heartfelt, deep, and
authentic excitement about work
– Care about colleagues, employees,
and friends winning
– Love to learn and grow and get a
huge kick when the people around
them do the same
1. Relentlessly upgrade their team, using every encounter as an
opportunity to evaluate, coach, and build self-confidence
2. Make sure people not only see the vision, they live and
breathe it
3. Get into everyone’s skin, exuding positive energy and
4. Establish trust with candor, transparency, and credit
5. Have the courage to make unpopular decisions and gut calls
6. Probe and push with a curiosity that borders on skepticism,
making sure their questions are answered with action
7. Inspire risk taking and learning by setting the example
“It takes only one individual to provide the
vision, but it takes a team effort to achieve it”
Jeff Gordon
What does it take to win?
Do it all with…
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