Purchasing & Contract Management

Our Mission Statement:
To provide leadership and excellence in the purchase of
supplies, equipment, and services at the lowest total lifecycle-cost to the institution.
We are dedicated to delivering quality value-added service to
the university by developing an understanding of your needs,
by forming business partnerships with you and the vendor
community, by placing orders in the most efficient and
quickest means possible, and by monitoring delivery
schedules on behalf of our internal customers.
How do we do this?
By being available to assist faculty, researchers, and staff with
purchasing requirements, purchasing system support,
supplier sourcing, negotiations, and relationship
management issues.
While obligated to work within applicable state purchasing
laws and the Board of Regents policies and procedures, we
remain flexible and innovative in our approach.
Each state entity is required to have an Agency Procurement
Officer (APO) or in our case a College / University
Procurement Officer (CUPO)
We follow the rules and regulations promulgated per:
- O.C.G.A. Section 50-5-50 through Section 50-5-81
- Georgia Procurement Manual (GPR)
- Applicable Federal regulations to any specific purchase
Competitive bid threshold.
- $25,000 for regular items / services
- $100,000 for public works projects
When not from a mandatory contract, end-users should
acquire quotes from three different vendors for purchases
below $25,000. Shopping around keeps vendors honest !
Remember to maintain a consistent and fair policy toward all
vendors, including small & minority businesses.
According to the GPM, the College / University Procurement
Officer should adhere to the following order of precedence
for purchasing goods and services:
Mandatory Statewide Contracts
University Contracts
Georgia Correctional Industries (GCI) or Georgia Enterprises
Products and Services (GEPS)
Convenience Statewide Contracts
Open Market Purchases – RFQ or RFP >$25,000
Plan ahead and involve Purchasing early in the process. Feel
free to call us to determine if a statewide or agency
agreement is in place or if a competitive solicitation is
Submit preliminary requirements or specifications to the
Buyer or Contract Specialist as early as possible before the
good or service is needed.
Assist with managing the contract and evaluating vendor
For Service Contracts (Individuals and Consultants) we require the following:
Services Agreement Request – basic info needed for a contract and approvals of
department, department head, etc. and assists with determining if service provider was a
former employee or TRS recipient.
Business Associate Agreement – when HIPAA information could be accessible
Checklist for Services - helps us identify payment terms and miscellaneous expenses
such as meals and travel.
Independent Contractor Checklist – helps us determine if contractor is or is not an
“independent contractor” or “employee” for tax purposes.
Agreement with Foreign Individuals or Firms must also include vetting process, which is
administered by the Accounts Payable Department, to determine if a treaty exists
between the United States and the Foreign Country.
Ongoing Projects ……
Combining contracts across both campuses to achieve savings – copiers, lab supplies,
uniforms, etc. Waste Management services is the next one we will strive for. The Fisher
lab supplies contract has achieved a savings of $190,000 annually versus standard State
Pursuing Green Initiatives – recycling toner, purchasing recycled paper products,
identifying ways for end-users to recycle waste, etc. Office paper is our latest initiative.
Implementing Print Management – only printing when necessary on the most
appropriate device:
* Small print jobs (a few pages) go to a desktop printer, if there is one (2 to 15 cents
per page)
* Medium jobs (10-200 pages) go to a copier (1.5 cents per page)
* Largest jobs (200 and up) go to the Copy Center (Steve Nunn). (Only .004 cents per
Implementing the Cisco VOIP Telephone System – Newer technology that utilizes our
computer network to reduce the number of hardwired telephone lines. Savings will
average $500,000 a year once fully installed.
Changes & Reminders:
Receiving: Central receiving consolidated at the main downtown location beginning July
1st. In PeopleSoft – this Ship to is called RECEIVING – MAIN DOCK, DOWNTOWN
1120 15th Street, BL1001
Augusta, GA 30912
Office Max, Staples, & Fisher orders bought through Health eShop should be desktop
delivered to your location. Hazardous chemicals, radioactives, PCs, should be delivered
to RECEIVING. When desktop delivered items arrive, they should be received by the
requisitioner in eProcurement.
E-Verify: A Federal Government online registration system used by employers to verify a
person’s eligibility to work lawfully in the U.S. The goal of the new law is to reduce
illegal immigrant employment in Georgia. Purchasing is responsible for verifying service
providers meet the provisions of the new law. Thus, any services valued at $2,500 or
greater must be entered via a requisition in eProcurement and can no longer go on a PCard. Certain specific licensed professions are exempt: Engineers, Architects, etc.
More information can be found on the Purchasing webpage under E-Verify.
Direct delivery of heavy items (150 lbs. or greater), or palletized items, by vendor to
end-user is now required. This bypasses our Receiving dock and prevents shipment
delays. Note: If building does not have a dock, then the truck must utilize a lift. These
shipments, including equipment type orders, must be scheduled and coordinated.
Receiving crew can meet vendor at your site when item arrives if needed. Quote should
include cost of “inside delivery” and “installation”.
Air Gas: Billing issues continue for the costs associated with the daily rental fee. When
gas is ordered, please remember to include the end-users account # and location
(Building and room #)
Chemical Category Codes: We were having issues with non-hazardous chemicals
triggering a Receiving ship-to default in PeopleSoft, e.g. janitorial supplies or hand
sanitizer. EHOS has worked with us to reduce the number of category codes for
chemicals requiring delivery to Receiving from 281 to only 88 – including radioactives.
This should increase desktop delivery orders and reduce delivery delays.
Medi-Trac: In the next few months we will begin using this Contract tracking tool
already utilized by our Legal team. It allows electronic storage, routing, and prompting
of renewals to end-users via e-mail.
Upcoming New Health eShop Vendors:
- Qiagen
- Abcam
Under consideration: Modifying PeopleSoft to grant the ability to cancel requisitions at
end-user level.
Less use of P-Card and more use of Health eShop. Vendors pass on savings when we
use Health eShop since they do not need to pay a fee to process the P-Card.
Your Professional Team Is In Place
Certified professionals serving the GRU community to meet our
mission of excellence in Education, Research, and Patient Care.
Dr. Clay Trover, PhD, Director Enterprise Supply Chain Management
- Strategic Direction & Savings Initiatives for Hospital and University Supply Chain
- [email protected], 706-721-4854
Gregory S. Woodlief, Senior Manager – Purchasing & Contracts
- RFP Review, Contract & Vendor Issues
- PeopleSoft maintenance (requisition & PO cancelations)
- [email protected], 706-721-2213
Terri Gregory, Purchasing Supervisor
- Oversees a team of Buyers and Contract Specialists
- Primary Buyer for Graduate Studies, Advanced Contracts, RFPs, RFQs
- [email protected], 706-721-4582
Your Professional Team Is In Place
Amber Armour, P-Card Program Administrator
- Works set up, card replacement, PC #s, etc.
- [email protected], 706-721-9441
Regina White, Sourcing Specialist
- Primary Buyer for College of Nursing & College of Allied Health
- Health eShop Administrator
- [email protected], 706-721-2986
Jacqueline Cooper, Contracting Specialist
Equipment maintenance contracts, software agreements, consignment contracts
Complicated RFQs and RFPs
Primary Buyer for College of Dental Medicine
[email protected], 706-721-9310
Your Professional Team Is In Place
Karen Herrington, Buyer II
- Primary Buyer for Support Services Departments, (IT, Facilities, Public Safety, etc.)
- [email protected], 706-721-2035
Aleen Jones, Buyer II
- Primary Buyer for College of Medicine
- Research equipment and supplies
- [email protected], 706-721-2218
Sharlene Redd, Buyer II
- Primary Buyer for Georgia Correctional Healthcare
[email protected], 706-721-4555
Beverly “Sue” Ruvo, Buyer II
- Primary Buyer for Georgia Correctional Healthcare
- [email protected], 706-721-2708
Veronica Henderson, Office Specialist
- Department Support
- Assisting with College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, College of Business,
College of Education, College of Science & Mathematics
- [email protected], 706-721-2216
Vacant, Buyer I
- Primary Buyer for College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, College of Business,
College of Education, College of Science & Mathematics. Backup to College of Medicine.
- 706-721-6122
Vacant, Senior Contracting Specialist
- Responsible for Miscellaneous Service Agreements, Consultant Agreements, Professional
Service Agreements, Construction Contracts, Lease Agreements, and Advanced RFPs
- Primary Buyer for College of Graduate Studies
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