Walkthru PPT

Spring 2015 Edition
Course Objectives
Students develop and demonstrate knowledge and skills enabling them
To apply standard approaches in using and developing information
To relate managerial issues from other courses to information systems;
To apply management techniques particular to information systems;
To use information systems concepts and terminology accurately and
To apply information systems technology.
Course Materials
All study materials will be available on the internet including … as it turns out … links
provided to materials from other sites. Key materials provided are
Our main text Business Processes and Information Technology (no cost PDF e-book)
Access to Microsoft Dynamics GP software and documentation, a $25 license fee
Installation software for some required Microsoft products
Hardware & Software
Course syllabus has details
A reliable Windows 7, Windows 8 computer is needed
Virtualization opportunities for Mac & Linux users
Software is available free except core Microsoft Office
(Word, Excel, PowerPoint) & Dynamics GP License ($25)
Contacting the Instructor
Instructor: Todd A. Schultz, Ph.D.
Office: Allgood Hall office E131.
Office Hours: Mon & Wed Noon to 4:00 pm & 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm; Tue Noon
to 2:30 pm. Otherwise, check my schedule at
http://spots.gru.edu/tschultz/calendar/ for my general availability and make
an appointment.
Office Phone: 706-667-4534
Email: [email protected]
Web site: http://spots.gru.edu/tschultz
 7 StudyChks @ 50 pts (300 pts total or 30% of the grade) Quizzes
on content from reading and study (7 will be assigned but the worst
one will be dropped).
 7 TechPrac's @ 100 pts (700 pts total or 70% of the grade)
Technical or analysis hands-on assignments which expose students to
a variety of at computer and reporting skills.
Course grades are based on a 1000 point scale with grades assigned
as follows (of course any errors in grades reporting or calculation will
be addressed before final grades are determined):
 901 points and higher earn a course A
 801 to 900 points earn a course B
 701 to 800 points earn a course C
 601 to 700 points earn a course D
 600 points or below earn a course F
Your course value chain
Right items
Right place
Right time
Right count
Right condition
Rules & Regulations
Academic honesty
Late work
One work day a week
Scheduling your time