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a suggested flow chart for linking
dermalogica school program
2011 manual
Text copyright © by Dermalogica. No part of this text may be reproduced in any way without written
permission from Dermalogica.
theory breakdown - introduction
This breakdown is suggested to obtain the most efficient use and incorporation of the overlay
program of Dermalogica support material with Milady Standard Esthetics Fundamental Textbook
(10th edition).
Milady Workbooks and State Board Review Text are normally completed simultaneously with
each chapter. The bulk of chapters are completed in your basic (freshmen) or (junior phases )
about 8 - 10 weeks) and reviewed throughout rest of course.
The flow chart provided will address each of these sections:
•Parts 1-3: Introduction, General Science and Skin Sciences – Chapters 3 -12 these chapters are
the most challenging theoretically and may take longer than scheduled. Use all support tools
available to ensure high level of student comprehension.
•Part 4: Esthetics: Practical/applied principles – procedures and techniques – Chapters 13 -16 are
taught as lead -in to practical workshops and clinic. Chapters 17 – 19 extend through Hair
Removal, Advanced Topics and Makeup. This is where the Dermalogica Partnership school
program will be utilized the most.
•Part 5: Business Skills – These chapters can be interspersed throughout to help prepare students
for entering professional workplace. There are segments in the overlay program that help your
students learn the business of retailing for career success.
There is enough information provided in Dermalogica Partnership school program overlay program
to help you create interactive learning centers and evaluations to challenge the student to improve
the level of their practical skills and comprehension.
We have created the flow chart on the following pages to link the chapters in the Milady Text with
the Dermalogica segments as closely as possible. Please feel free to use the suggestions here as
an exciting and stimulating addition to your curriculum.
curriculum flow chart – Milady textbook and support material
Support DPP
Chapter 1-2
Chapter 3
DPS -Part1
Segment 1:
International Skin
Care Techniques
Student Kit and
Training Manual
“the book”
Segment 2:
the Core
Chapter 4
Infection Control
Chapter 5
Anatomy and
Chapter 6
DPS - Part 2
Segments 3:
Training Manual
- “the book”
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9 Phys
of Skin
Chapter 10
And Diseases
Medi Bac
Clearing ™
Chapter 11
Skin Analysis
DPS - Part 2
Segment 6
Face Mapping®
Skin Analysis
Chapter 12
Product Selection/
Segment 5:
Retail products
Training Manual
- “the book”
Training Manual
- “the book”
Training Manual
- “the book”
Abbreviations: IDI - International Dermal Institute, ISCT – International Skin Care Techniques, DPP – Dermalogica
Partnership Plus
curriculum flow chart
Student handouts
Chapter 13
Treatment room
DPS – Segment
the core
Dermalogica training
Manual “the book”
Chapter 15
DPS– Segment
3: Professional
Dermalogica training
Manual “the book”
Chapter 14
Basic Facial
Segment 4:
The Core
Dermalogica training
Manual “the book”
Chapter 16
DPS – Segment
7: Treatment
training DVD
Dermalogica training
Manual “the book”
DPS – Segment
7: Treatment
training DVD’S MediBac
Age Smart’
Chromo White
Training manual
“the book”
Thermal Body
Therapies DVD
Training manual
“the book”
Chapter 17
Hair Removal
Chapter 18
Adv topics
Chapter 19
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
DPS – Segment
8: Retail support
DPS – Segment
9: Clinic support
Skin Bar – DVD
and training
Chapter 20
Career Planning
Abbreviations: AISCT – Advanced International Skin Care Techniques
dermalogica partnership school program
instructor training manual 2011
Text copyright © by Dermalogica. No part of this text may be reproduced in any way without written
permission from Dermalogica.
Part 1 - Instructor classroom support and lecture notes: slides 3-7
How to use this program – PowerPoint Presentation format*
Cover sheets for each segment: slides 8-11
Segment 1: Introduction to course and classroom support
Segment 2: Overview: Understanding The Core Treatment
Segment 3: Dermalogica professional skin care products
Segment 4: The Core Treatment
Part 2 - Clinic preparation support and lecture notes
Segment 5: Dermalogica retail skin care products
Segment 6: Face Mapping® skin analysis
Segment 7: Dermalogica treatment protocols
Part 3 - Miscellaneous support material
Segment 8: Retail support
Segment 9: Clinic support
Note: Segments are what you will be showing in the classroom. Part 1 - Cover
sheets and contents are to help you organize your binder.
*If you do not have a computer/projector in your classroom, you may have the slides
printed on
transparencies for use on an overhead projector.
first steps: how to use this program and transferring files from a CD to
your computer
You’ll receive a CD with your package.
Open CD-Rom drive on computer and place CD into CD-Rom and close.
Go to your desktop and double click on My Computer. Locate the disk on the
computer and double click to open. You’ll see a CD icon and the name of the
disk on this screen. Once you locate the disk double click to open to access the
transferring files to your computer – continued…
The screen below will appear and you will left click once on the folder and then
right click and hit Copy.
5. Next, locate the folder you would like to copy these files into and left click once
on the desired folder.
6. Right click and hit Paste. You may also copy and paste to your desktop for
easy access.
*This process will take a few minutes
The files that are on the CD should now be on the hard drive of your computer so
you do not need to use the CD to access these files. CD should be kept in
Director’s office in case there is a change of computers. In addition, you may access
this program from the Dermalogica Business Center, under Marketing your
business - Partnership Schools.
to print out copies of your lecture note slides
To print out copies of your lecture notes from your computer: open the selected
module, you may select the view you would like to print, but it doesn’t make
any difference, go up to File, select Print – it will ask, Print what:
printing copies of your lecture notes – continued…
Select notes page, then OK, and it will print out your file. If you only need
certain pages printed out, (see Print range) you may select only the current
page you are viewing or click onto slides and select the range of pages you
would like printed out.
printing your lecture notes – continued…
You may be more comfortable with printing out your lecture notes while actually
viewing them – so just select notes page from the tool bar under View.
If you are experiencing difficulties with the appearance of the slide presentation, it
may be that your computer does not have the font that was used to create this
program. Below are instructions for installing the correct fonts onto your computer.
Font used is: HelveticaNeueLtStnCn
Click START menu, click SETTINGS, then click CONTROL PANEL
Double click the FONTS icon (OR RIGHT CLICK, SELECT OPEN)
The FONTS folder will open. Highlight the selected font, then click FILE
Click INSTALL NEW FONT, then click OK.
If a message appears that says font is already installed, then click ok.
If you are still having problems, please contact Linda Burmeister at the International
Dermal Institute Corporate headquarters at 310-900-0733 between the hours of 9:00am5:00pm PST.
program format
PowerPoint slide presentations
In the high tech world of today, you have probably already discovered that we have to vary our
teaching techniques to maintain a stimulating and engaging classroom atmosphere. We have
therefore formatted the program entirely on PowerPoint with instructions and script on the
lecture notes. The lecture notes provide a mini course outline and subject references that tie in
with your State Board Course Books and Curriculum, instructor preparation and
support sources.
Course segments – segment 1
The course is divided into segments that start with a general and brief introduction into
Dermalogica and who we are as a company. This will aid you in explaining questions that new
students have regarding the differences in professional and non professional products that new
students are sure to ask. Slides are numbered and categorized on the first slide of each section
so that you may use only the slides that apply to your subject material for that
particular time.
Example: If you have introduced the skin analysis chapter in your theory class and are
discussing the importance of the consultation card, you will put the theory into practice by
introducing the consultation system they will be using.
The students will reference the material from the Dermalogica training manual (“the book”)
without your having to have them copy or take notes or listen to endless lectures – none of which
today’s students want to do. Re-enforcing the theory by doing a show and tell, interactive
discussion, feedback and workshop on what was covered will make for a more satisfactory
learning environment.
Example: If you are introducing a theory class on the elements and procedures for a face
treatment, you will reference Segment 2: Understanding The Core Treatment, which explains the
purpose of each step. Again, this is reinforcement of the theory with a specific direction and
application to what they will be applying in a hands on
program format
You may choose to use only certain slides for your subject, return to them for a
quick review…before proceeding to the next few slides.
Example: Once you have covered the purpose for each step in the Dermalogica
treatment, you are now ready to introduce the products they will be using. Within this
segment you may choose to only discuss a few products at a time. Though it
depends on what you are teaching, it is a good idea to give an overview and a bit of
information on each product that will be used in any demonstration or workshop for
the day.
Subsequent segments
These will explain the purpose (what, why, when, how and where) of the
Dermalogica professional product line in a comprehensive format. Your students will
enjoy the hands-on approach to this learning experience and you will find it easy to
integrate into your existing curriculum.
Lecture notes scripts
Under each slide is a description or brief explanation of what is pictured on the slide.
The more you learn about Dermalogica, the less you will need to rely solely on that
information. Please interject your own words and extra information from personal
class notes from Dermalogica classes you have taken or refer to references in “the
book.” Encourage and assign homework or group learning sessions from “the book.”
By the end of the course, it should look pretty “used.”
classroom support: dermalogica classes
In order for you to be confident and comfortable with this addition to your skin care
course, you will
need to be completely familiar with Dermalogica. To accomplish this, you will have
the following
options: On-site visits by a Dermalogica Business Consultant or Educator for
introductory classes
(bold) or participation in classes at the nearest International Dermal Institute training
center. The
Dermalogica classes are:
*Derm Live – Day 1 Retail
Derm Live – Day 2 - Professional
The Dermalogica Skin Treatment – includes Dermalogica signature Pressure
Point Massage
Great Success with Face Mapping® - skin analysis and prescriptive retailing
*Retailing made easy
Additional product and treatment classes available to you: ½ day theory, ½ day
hands on
MediBac Clearing®
AGE Smart®
ChromaWhite TRx®
Skin Exfoliation and Resurfacing Techniques
Sun, Skin and Smart Defense
*Retailing made easy
*These classes should - if at all possible - be observed by front desk staff, school
and/or admissions personnel.
Of course there are many other classes available for both the International Dermal
Institute and
Dermalogica so please feel free to take the classes that interest you and will help
keep you
passionately motivated about skin care
visit and take dermlive online!
Visit our new education center at
Since the education resources no longer reside on the business center, it is
now easier for you as an instructor - you only need to use your school
(account) telephone number for easy access! Log on today to start exploring
all of the resources available to you, from videos of treatments, to product
manuals, the book, step by step protocols, to webinars. We are planning on
adding many more tools and resources so you can access education anytime
and anyplace!
The first time you log on, you will be prompted for information, once that has
been checked - you will receive a confirmation e-mail giving you access.
The education center is also where you can access dermlive online!
DermLive is our first interactive online class, that allows you and any member
of staff in your school such as front desk and clinic managers to become
experts in their Dermalogica product knowledge and the Dermalogica
concepts. Learn all about the products and test your knowledge as you move
through the chapters that allow you to come and go as you please and have 3
weeks to complete the training. It’s fun, interactive and has lots of video clips
with “did you know” product and treatment tips to boost your confidence in
working with and retailing Dermalogica.
The Face Mapping® skin analysis and Skin Bar client scenarios will also help
you to dramatically boost your retail dollars. After successfully completing the
quizzes and completing the online training, you will be certified and receive a
special dermlive certificate and pin in the mail
Don’t forget if you are an owner or manager to visit the Dermalogica business
center for everything you need to run, grow and market your business from eblasts, postcards, displays sheets, telephone scripts, [email protected] by Jane and PDFs
of the profit flash.
part 1: segment 1
introduction to course
PowerPoint presentation slides 1- 29
What you will be learning:
Key elements of the classic Dermalogica Skin Treatment
part 1: segment 2
overview: understanding the dermalogica skin treatment
PowerPoint presentation slides 1-17
The purpose of each step in the treatment is outlined.
part 1: segment 3
dermalogica professional skin care products
PowerPoint presentation slides 1- 49
An overview of Dermalogica professional treatment range with reference guide for student
participation and
Dermalogica training manual – “the book”
part 1: segment 4
the dermalogica skin treatment
PowerPoint presentation slides 1-20
This segment is to be used before you demonstrate the classic face treatment to explain the
how and what of
the procedure. It details each step and your options for each Dermalogica product to be used.
Each slide
contains student references as well as instructions for your demonstration. This segment
would be shown and
discussed before students practice in a workshop to help them learn and review protocols.
dermalogica partnership school program
instructor training manual 2011– Part 2
Text copyright © by Dermalogica. No part of this text may be reproduced in any way without written
permission from Dermalogica.
Part 2 - Clinic preparation support and lecture notes
Cover Sheets for segments 5-7
Segment 5: Dermalogica retail skin care products
- The Gray line for maintenance
- Segmentation lines for specific skin conditions
Segment 6: Face Mapping®
Segment 7: Dermalogica treatment protocols
part 2: segment 5
dermalogica retail skin care products
Power Point Presentation Slides 1-50
An overview of Dermalogica retail products with reference and guidance
Dermalogica training
manual – the book
part 2: segment 6
face mapping® skin analysis
Power Point Presentation Slides 1-17
A revolutionary and fresh approach to skin analysis. Students will be more confident
and interactive
with their clients.
part 2: segment 7
dermalogica treatment protocols
Power Point Presentation Slides 1- 9
An overview of suggested Dermalogica professional treatments with reference guide
for student
participation and study.
Dermalogica training manual – “the book”
dermalogica partnership school program
instructor training manual 2011– Part 3
Text copyright © by Dermalogica. No part of this text may be reproduced in any way without written
permission from Dermalogica.
Part 3 - Miscellaneous Support Material
Cover Sheet for segments 8 and 9
Segment 8: Retail Support
For Instructor:
Segment 9: Clinic Support (Print out as slides)
part 3: segment 8
dermalogica retail support
Power Point Presentation Slides 1-9
Teaching and encouraging your students the concept of prescriptive retailing.
part 3 – Segment 9
Clinic support
For Instructor:
Clinic Support (Print out as slides 1-6)
dermalogica partnership school program
clinic support
Text copyright © by Dermalogica. No part of this text may be reproduced in any way without written
permission from Dermalogica.
clinic support: skin care profitability
Setting up a Retail Area
Designate an area for retail products that readily allows for client trial of tester products. This
area can be in close proximity to a cashier or receptionist who can assist in the retail sale. If
pilferage is a concern, use a Dermalogica
Tester Unit stocked with product next to the front desk. Back stock can be kept behind the
counter, on display shelves, or behind locked {glass} cabinets. Product should be visible.
The retail area for skin care should be dedicated to only Dermalogica. All displays should be
clean and fully stocked with product. Product Directories and Skin Care Advisors offering a
simple explanation of each of the products are also available. A merchandising schematic is
provided to help you arrange the products in an efficient
and appealing manner. Each product is marked with a pricing bar code that allows for efficient
price scanning at checkout and helps maintain control of your inventory.
Inventory and Ordering
Inventory and ordering should be assigned on one of the slower days at the school. We
recommend doing inventory once a week; placing your order from the Inventory Control Form.
An accurate inventory also enables you to determine if any pilferage is occurring.
The order quantity should match what you’ve sold, unless you increase the amount due to a
promotion or anticipated increase in sales.
inventory control
Dermalogica Inventory Control Forms are available to help you facilitate and manage your
retail as well as classroom inventory. This is a task that can be shared with your students
to help train in management skills. Holding them accountable for how much product is
used for services and how much is being
sold to clients.
Complete the form as follows:
1. Enter the desired quantity of stock that you want to keep in the “Desired Inventory
Level” column. After completing this step, copies should be made of the form for future
inventory taking and ordering.
2. Count the number of each product on hand and enter under “Stock on Hand”
3. Subtract “Stock on Hand” from the “Desired Inventory Level”
4. Indicate the amount you wish to order in the “Order Quantity” column.
On Hand
Essential Cleansing Solution, 16 oz
Essential Cleansing Solution, 8 oz
Pricing and Profitability
Retailing can generate enormous profits for your school. For example, when the school
buys an 8 oz cleanser for $16.50 and sells it for $33.00, the profit on this one item is
$16.50. All Dermalogica products are 100% markup, so it is very easy to calculate the
school’s profit.
On a larger scale, the potential profits are even more impressive. If the school purchases
$500 to $1000 in retail products every month, this equates to product at $1000 to $2000
retail value. That’s a $500 to $1000 gross profit for the school. Over the course of one
year, that is $6,000 to $12,000 in gross profit. Using Dermalogica marketing tools and
promotions will generate more enthusiasm from your students to reach target goals in
retailing. Increasing your retail sales can reach potential profits of 30 to 50k per year!
retail training of staff and students
Your staff, including students, should be trained in the importance of retailing.
Everyone (skin therapist, receptionist, etc.) should understand the basic features
and benefits of each of the products. When discussing retail products with clients,
sell benefits, services and professional expertise - not products.
We recommend using the following easy-to-learn retailing guidelines to train anyone
working in your retail center.
Sell Benefits, Sell Service and Provide Education
Sell Benefits
The majority of today’s client are very savvy about skin care, what they really want is
results. They want to know, “what’s in it for me?” In general, clients purchase
products and enlist our services for the benefits of healthier, clearer and youngerlooking skin. It is the professional’s job to ensure that
when clients purchase benefits, they get results plus outstanding customer service.
Sell Service
Recommending or prescribing the appropriate products for a client’s at-home skin
care needs is NOT a selling job; it’s an integral part of a salon consultation and
service. Students will learn how to emphasize to client’s the importance of home
care maintenance in order to maintain skin health.
This is the key to building a strong client retention rate and a successful skin care
clinic business.
retail training of staff and students
Provide Education
Remember, clients are more sophisticated today; they live in a world of over-hyped
products. An explanation of their skin analysis, followed by a knowledgeable
discussion of the features and benefits of Dermalogica will educate them, win their
confidence and help them make the right decisions about their skin care needs.
One of your strongest selling tools is Dermalogica’s trademark Face Mapping® skin
analysis technique and marketing tools.
Retailing to the client
We cannot be profitable in this industry by offering services alone; retailing must
comprise fifty percent of your business if you are to prosper.
For school clients, the experience of having a Face Mapping® skin analysis,
education on their skin condition and having a professional home care prescription
recommended by a well trained student is an experience in itself. Many clients may
be experiencing a professional skin treatment for the first time. You have an
opportunity to make a difference in the health and appearance of their skin.
Retailing is not only a profit for the school, but it also helps train and prepare new
skin therapists for the real world of being gainfully employed or owning a successful
skin care business.
retail training of staff and students
The Skin Bar®
Placing a few “try me” products at the front desk area and offering clients and staff a
complimentary 5 minute Face Mapping® skin analysis will give your students the
confidence they need to approach clients in a professional skin environment once
they have graduated and entered the professional arena.
Besides, it’s fun!!!
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