Student Affairs

FY 2012
Student Affairs Five Year Plan
• The Student Affairs Five Year Plan focuses on two
priorities in the Academic Plan: Retention and Equity.
A third priority, Communication and Technology, is
focused on issues raised by the NEASC Accreditation
Team which stated “There are a lot of programs and
activities for URI students, but no one knows about
them.” The plan focuses on developing new
partnerships with our Academic Affairs colleagues,
improving the quality of life for students and on
building community.
Vision Statement for Student Affairs
We will be the unmatched force in creating
an inclusive
community, passionate about learning,
discovery, service, and
leadership where every student will say,
“You cared. You helped. I was inspired to
Student Affairs Mission Statement
The Division of Student Affairs fosters
students’ individual and interpersonal
development, contributing to their success
as learners both in and out of the classroom
• Creating a diverse, safe and supportive
• Empowering students to become effective citizens
and leaders;
• Celebrating achievements and independence.
Specific Goals
• Create a greater number of internships and develop these
within each department of the Division.
• Expand the number of Living Learning and Common
Theme Communities.
• In partnership with our Academic colleagues develop
programs and space that promote faculty-student
interaction outside the traditional classroom.
• Increase interaction between minority and majority student
groups including international student groups.
• Enhance the student experience so that it positively
impacts student persistence and retention.
• Optimize collaboration toward developing a culture that
embodies equity and celebrates diversity.
• Students will utilize technology and be well informed of
programs, services and events through the Division’s use
of technology.
Resources Requested 2012
By Priority
1. Roger Williams Wellness Center staffing, base permanent funding
2 FTE- Fitness wellness coordinators
Student Payroll
$ 77,000
• Roger Williams Wellness Center Equipment
One time funds (7-10 years)
2. Undergraduate Career Adviser.
Position focuses on undecided majors and
developing and indentifying career internships,
Co-op, and experiential educational opportunities.
3. Talent Development Guaranteed Admission
The current program is funded by the Department
of Transportation and a small RI Legislative
Grant. The DOT’s funding is expected to end or
focus on math/science students only. GAP is an
outreach program to inner-city middle and high
school students.
Anticipated Student Affairs General Fund Budget
Vice President
Career Services
Campus Life
Counseling Center
Multicultural Center
Rec. Services
Student Life
Talent Development
Womens Center