Batesville Community School Corporation ~ Columbus/Southeast

Batesville Community School Corporation
and Ivy Tech Community College
2013 Hillenbrand
Batesville and Ivy Tech – An Intentional Focus on
Collaborative Partnerships for the Future
Batesville Schools
2013 Hillenbrand
Believe in Better… Batesville Schools rank
among state’s best.
Batesville Community School Corporation
ISTEP Results:
4 star schools
“A” Ranking
# 10
“Best Buy” Schools for
Low Taxes & High
3 of our 4 schools received a Gold rating (only 9 schools in the entire state
received a Gold) and our 4th school received a Silver rating
Top 4% Nationally of high
schools for students scoring a 3
or better on AP curriculum
2013 Hillenbrand
The Ivy Tech Partnership Strategy
Strategic Objectives
Strategic Initiatives
Open and maintain a fully operational university
campus at the site of the current Forethought
Ivy Tech will partner with the Batesville
Community School Corporation (BCSC), the
City of Batesville and local business and
industry to create a first-of-its-kind university
campus in Indiana that will include and focus
Founding the first public university campus
to fully serve southeastern Indiana;
Extending traditional K-12 curriculum in
Batesville to K-14 for students;
Offer jointly between Ivy Tech and BCSC, through
dual credit courses, the ability for graduating
seniors to have completed up to one full year of
college credit classes (at no cost to parents and
Offer classes that would lead to associates and
bachelors degrees in a variety of areas, such as
business and nursing jointly with IU East
Build the first continuous/linked program in
Indiana or the nation focusing on Advanced
Manufacturing and Logistic (AML) curriculum
endorsed by the NAM and developed by Conexus
of Indiana, from high school to certification
programs and various degree offerings
Ultimately supporting job growth in
businesses and on the campus itself.
2013 Hillenbrand
Offering opportunities for two-year and fouryear degrees;
Leading and coordinating efforts to support
current and future manufacturing
Leverage the training and educational opportunities
at the new campus for the recruitment of highly
qualified individuals for business and industry
while also employing new, skilled educators in the
Desired Results
Raise the funds necessary to build and update the current Forethought
building ($3.5 MM locally – schools $1MM, city $1MM,
business/individuals/philanthropists $1.5 MM)
Reach agreements on usage with current tenants
Hire necessary personnel to staff the campus
Communicate effectively to the local community
Required funds raised
Determine curriculum eligible for direct transfer with grades to state
Determine curriculum of offerings that will be offered at Ivy Tech
and/or BHS
Construct the economic benefits statement of savings accrued through
dual credit courses
Communicate offering and potential savings to students and parents
ROI for community annually =
Graduating seniors up to one full
year of state college credits (currently
~ $9K value) x 120 student/year
(75% of grads college bound) =
$1M+ savings to parents/students
Document currently available associates and bachelors degrees
available via Ivy Tech to students
Develop agreement with IU East and other schools for classes that
would be available and transferable to students in the area that would
lead to associates and bachelors degrees
Document and communicate benefits and savings possible
Low-cost four-year degree = Current
on-campus, state degrees cost ~
$80K for four years v. approximate
cost at Ivy Tech/IU East in Batesville
~$25-30K (students on “free &
reduced meals” eligible for Pell
grants of $22K)
Implement the AML curriculum at BHS beginning fall of 2012 or
2013 (one of only six pilot locations in Indiana; Indiana one of only
five states in the nation testing)
Support the efforts of Conexus to bring the AML curriculum to other
Indiana communities by loaning a leader/manager from
Hillenbrand/Batesville Casket to the effort for the rest of 2012
Coordinate efforts between Ivy Tech, BHS and local industry on all
AML curriculum and possible certification programs
Begin communicating curriculum and programs to students, parents,
employers and employees
Leadership position of Batesville
community in manufacturing
renaissance in Indiana (state with
highest % of manufacturing
employees) and in a community with
one of highest % of manufacturing
employees in the state – serve as a
model for the state, groups like
Conexus, NAM and others
Recruit as necessary staff for new Ivy Tech campus
Create communications conduits and loops between Ivy Tech and
local employers for skills requirements
Create communications conduit and loops between Ivy Tech and local
employers for open job positions and potential employees
Community support for significant
growth over baseline numbers of
students in all categories
A “live” environment in which
employers and educators partner to
insure current and future workers
have skills necessary for current and
future industry needs. A coordinated
resource for great employers and
potential employees to link up. 4
Preparing students for the Future
Batesville High School and Ivy Tech Partnership
• Students earn dual college credits at Batesville
High School and Ivy Tech
• Graduating seniors receive one full year
of college credit classes at no cost to parents
or students
Local Schools
2013 Hillenbrand
$1.5 MM
Expansion of
Ivy Tech
and Building
$3.5 MM
Investing in higher education with a focus on ROI
Annual Return on Investment
Graduating seniors receive up to one full year of state college credits
Total College
Cost: $85,000
~ $10,000
(75% of
grads college
* Estimated cost at a public university in Indiana
2013 Hillenbrand
More than
of savings to
Batesville High School, Local Employers,
Students and Families, Ivy Tech
Win, Win, Win, Win
– Batesville High School – Physical plant and staffing
• Expansions are costly…goal is to optimize space
– Even minor expansions can cost millions of dollars
• Extensive curriculum offerings can require sub-optimization of staff
– Offering various classes for groups of 5 – 10 students is difficult and costly; combining such groups from
various high schools in one location at Ivy Tech makes sense
– Students and Families – $$$ saved and CTE opportunities
• ~50% of all BHS juniors and senior are attending classes at Ivy Tech campus this fall
• Money saved for transfers is substantial
• Students are enrolled in CTE internship programs with corporate partners
– Local employers – Well qualified employees
• Addresses skills gaps
• Employer partners help to determine curriculum based upon their business demands
– Ivy Tech – Partnerships that secure recruitment based upon community needs
• Soaring enrollment for dual enrollment and CTE curriculum
• Pipeline for the future
2013 Hillenbrand
Shrinking the skills gap…Preparing the workforce through
Project Lead the Way, Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics
Curriculum, and HIRE Technology
Student Educational Benefits
• 2-year internship possibility
• 30-45 College Credits
• CORE 40 High School Diploma
• Potential summer/future employment
• Flexible daily schedule
Local Work Experience
• Provide students real-life hands-on
• Train/Keep home-grown talent
• Encourage students to continue postsecondary
• Project Lead the Way
• Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics
• HIRE Technology
2013 Hillenbrand
Dual Credit and Credential Sequence
2013 Hillenbrand
Back-up Slides
2013 Hillenbrand
Observations about the Alignment between what
Colleges and Universities Supply and What
Employers Demand
Good Selection of Public and Private Colleges and Universities
– Public
– Private
Top Ranked Schools and Programs within the Institutions
Public Affairs
Informatics and Computer Science
Strong Research Capabilities and Track Records at Universities
Economic Analysis
Great Students
2013 Hillenbrand
Global Mindset
Observations about the Alignment between what
Colleges and Universities Supply and What
Employers Demand
Communication between Colleges/Universities and Business/Industry could be Better
– Opportunity to be Better Planned, More Thoughtful, and Focused on Skills Gaps
• Soft skills, Analytical, Writing
– Colleges/Universities and Business/Industry need to be more Proactive
Exposure to What is Happening in both Spaces is too Limited
– Business/Industry Leaders need to be Present at Colleges/Universities
– College/University Leaders need to be Present at Businesses/Industries
Research and Expertise of Universities are not Leveraged Well Enough
– Knowledge Base could Increase at Colleges/Universities and Businesses/Industries with Greater
– Ideas for Commercialization could Improve
More Robust Exposure of Students to Employers and Vice Versa would Benefit Indiana
– More Great Students (from Batesville, Bakersfield, Beijing…) should call Indiana Home
– Hoosier Employers would Benefit having the Top Talent Available
2013 Hillenbrand
Broader Economic and Community Value Higher
Education Provides beyond Meeting Employer
Higher Education can Provide Thought Leadership to a Community
Academic – Alignment with K-12, Community Leaders, and Employers
The Future…New Ideas
Presence and Active Participation by Higher Education in a Community can Help to
Underscore a Culture of Education
– The Dynamics of our Economy have Changed and Indiana must Embraced a Culture of Education
(~40th in Educational Attainment & ~40th in Per Capita Income)
– Partnerships between Employers, Philanthropists, Educators, Community Leaders, and Citizens
are Strengthened with Leadership from Higher Education
Higher Education can be a Catalyst for Attracting and Retaining Business/Industry
– Many Business Leaders view Higher Education in a Community as a Bonus
– The cost of Higher Education can be Mitigated through the Presence of Institutions Locally
Higher Education can be a Catalyst for Attracting and Retaining Top Talent
– The Best and the Brightest Value the Presence of Higher Education in a Community
– Higher Education is Critical to Quality of Place
2013 Hillenbrand