Practical Tools to empower your Adult Learners and Clients

“Practical Tools to Empower your
Adult Learners and Clients”
Bernadette Walsh: Adult Guidance Counsellor
IGC Conference Workshop
Saturday 22nd March 2014
, as a public/private partnership, is designed to
provide a gateway to career information and guidance
The site was developed in 2007 to create a one stop portal for
careers information in Ireland. It was re-launched with a new
homepage in February 2014 by the Department of Education &
The revised site highlights the many newly developed areas
including the Adult Learner and Job Seeker communities.
To date over 5 million people have used the site as a research
tool and over 275,000 people have taken part in its guidance
“Our mission is to provide the most up to date career information to our users in an integrated,
innovative, supportive and engaging manner”
Target User Groups
 Adult Learners
 Job Seekers
 Guidance Counsellors
 Information Providers
nd Level Students
 2
 3rd Level Students
 Parents and Guardians
Development Model:
Public/Private Partnership
Industry Experts
Government Departments
Colleges Direct Feature
Image of Sectors Page
33 Sectors
Empowering the client…
The Guidance Relationship is paramount in terms of building trust and supporting clients to
progress and move forward in their lives.
By suggesting options and offering choices we are giving clients the power to become more
responsible and take ownership of their decisions. CareersPortal is a practical tool that can be
used to support that process, as the resource has been designed to help users along their
individual journey, it can provide a roadmap of opportunities from a single trusted website.
Avoid doing for a client that what they can do for themselves! Collaborative approach –
together is better…and encourages self-efficacy.
Practical Tools for 1:1 and in Groups
• On line Career File (Integrated within CP)
A unique and freely available tool that can be used by your clients to manage
their career development and includes:
-Self Assessment Tools & Reports: Interest profiler & Personality Profiler
-Career Note Pad: Store up to 10 documents: no USB keys!
-Save Career and Course Preferences: tag jobs and courses (PLC & CAO) to file
-Study Tips
-Colleges Direct News: up-dates and events direct from colleges and universities
“The Career File is the ultimate tool to facilitate adults to manage their careers as it
provides tools and resources under the key headings of Careers Advice, Self-Assessment,
Career Sectors, Course Search and Careers and Employment. The user can store all their
information in one file”
Cork ETB
Access from
any machine,
Don't do for
client what they
can do for
Understanding FETAC Progression Pathways
20% of all applications to HEI’s come from the FETAC sector and within
CareersPortal finding out what PLC courses are linked with Third Level
colleges and courses couldn’t be easier!
In any PLC or CAO course search page if the course offers progression
pathways this green link will appear beside the course title.
To find out what colleges and courses are available just click on the Award
Code – in the FETAC Progression Route Box
Case Study: Translating Tools into Practice
Anna is (32 years old) a qualified chef whose business has
collapsed. She completed her training in “Culinary Arts” in Crumlin
College (DHCXX). She is in receipt of jobseekers benefit for the past
6 months. She has been living with her Sister and brother in law
since her parent’s separation. Her Sister is now emigrating and she
is very worried about where she will live. She says she has left CVs
“all over the place” and has had two interviews but no success.
What resources could Anna use of to help improve her
employment prospects?
New Adult Learner Section
A variety of informative resources for individuals who have or are
thinking about returning to education.
The different levels of qualifications are explained and how FETAC awards are
used as a stepping stone to progress to third level courses.
What supports are available in terms of making education and career decisions
is explained, including links to up skilling programmes, student finance,
scholarships and latest education news.
Another key feature is the Course search tool which aims to bring together the
wide range of courses available through government up-skilling programmes
including Springboard, ICT Skills Conversion programmes, Momentum, SOLAS,
Skillsnet, FIT and courses at PLC, CAO and Postgraduate level.
Revised Job Seeker Section
More and more our service is asked by clients “where are the jobs”, the CareersPortal occupation
explorer is most useful to highlight immediately to practitioners and clients where there is an
occupation skills shortage. This tool gives clients hope for their future in these recessionary
Clare AEGI
Occupational Database: 678
•Jobseeker can watch a video of
someone working in the role
•The top Interest areas related to
the job are outlined i.e.
Administrative, Enterprising and
•Job search links are live and link to
5 job sites
•Typical tasks including job zone is
highlighted on the page
•CAO and PLC related courses are
•Users will see if is a job is currently
“in demand” and typical salary
Education and Job Zones 1-5
Level of Education required for Occupations
Where are the Jobs?
Data provided and up-dated from EGFSN
Job Search Live Links
CareersPortal has 5 live jobs link sites built into each Occupational Page
Organisational Profiles – Sector Experts
What’s Next…
Development of Adult
version of “REACH+”
Having established a
close working
relationship with
career professionals
across Ireland, we
continue to listen
closely to the needs on
the ground, and
develop additional
resources where
Your CareersPortal Resource Pack
PowerPoint presentation for workshop (copy - will also be e-mailed)
Career Interests and the World of Work (A4 & posters provided and PDF will be e-mailed)
Sector Investigation Worksheet
Sample Interest Profiler & Personality Reports
Sample CAO Course Search Report (within Interest Profiler)
New CareersPortal A4 Flyer (information for clients)
2 Sample “Chronofunctional” CV Templates (useful for grouping skills and for experienced and
professional clients)
Handout on Adult Learner and Jobseeker Resources
Business Card/Contact Information
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