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Welcome to
L’Shana Tova!
Just as we all celebrated the Jewish New
Year with a happy and sweet offering, it is
my hope that this orientation will begin a
happy and sweet year with all of you in
So what is BBYO…
History of BBYO
• 1923 – Jewish boys started a fraternity using Hebrew
letters “Aleph Zadik Aleph” to combat Greek fraternities
that rejected Jews.
• 1924 – May, 3 – AZA was founded.
• 1925 – AZA adopted by B’nai B’rith and became B’nai
B’rith Youth Organization.
• 1944 – April, 23 – BBG was founded.
• 2002 – BBYO broke away from B’nai B’rith and became
our own, independent organization, BBYO, Inc.
Structure of BBYO
• Chapter – AZA, BBG or BBYO. The most
important level.
• Council – All chapters in an area.
• Region – Larger than the council. We are
in Mountain Region which
encompasses Arizona, Nevada & Utah
• International – 43 Regions in North
America, plus England, France,
Bulgaria and Israel.
How Jewish is BBYO?
Everything we do has a Judaic component
Implement Judaism your own way
Explore and develop your own Judaic
identity along the way!
But what else is BBYO?
What else do you want it to be?!
– Dances
– Sports
– Advocacy & Social Action
– Travel
• Weekly programs
– Monday nights, JCC, 78:30pm
– 3 AZA (boys) and
3 BBG (girls) chapters
• Weekend events
• Weekend Retreats with
Vegas, Tucson & more!
• International Conventions with
over 800 teens!
BBYO Lingo
• What are they saying!?!?
• AZA – Aleph Zadik Aleph. The boys
component of BBYO.
• BBG – B’nai B’rith Girls. The girls
component of BBYO.
• RLTI – Regional Leadership Training
• AIT – Aleph in Training (AZA)
• MIT – Member in Training (BBG)
More lingo…
• AIT/MIT Convention – a convention for all
newer members to learn more about
• Spirit Convention – our winter convention
where chapters promote their spirit and
compete for awards
• Conclave – our spring convention where
we say goodbye to seniors and elect new
regional boards.
Role in the Community
• Partnered with the Valley of the Sun
Jewish Community Center, B’nai Tzedek,
Jess Schwartz Jewish Community Day
School and now Panim!
• Goal is to teach members to be
respectable Jewish teens that the
community can look to for support and as
an example.
Opportunities for Teens
• The March of the Living
• Summer Programs
• Stand UP Campaign
• Leadership roles
March of the Living
• Join thousands of Jewish teenagers for a life-altering
experience that marks the tragedy of the Holocaust and
commemorates the establishment of Israel. Travel to
Poland and memorialize a Jewish world of the past.
Travel on to Israel and take part in the miracle of modern
April 8-22, 2010
Only open to teens in grades 10-12
Scholarships are available throughout community
Summer Programs
Project Impact
Project NYC
International Leadership Seminar
Passport 2 the World!
CLTC-Chapter Leadership
Training Conference
CLTC is a structured classroom program that
*Leadership development
*BBYO chapter development
*Israel culture and history
*Israeli dancing and singing
*Program Highlights*
**Placed in mock AZA and BBG
chapters where teens learn how to run
those chapters effectively
**Learn how to plan and implement
programs including fundraisers and
Shabbat services
Who should go to CLTC?
Must be a paid BBYO member
Aspiring Chapter Leaders
Specifically members entering their Sophomore
or Junior Year.
Anyone who wants to learn more about BBYO
and have fun!
*Offered at 2 locations!*
Beber: Camp setting located in
American Hebrew Academy: (AHA)
Jewish, College-prep boarding
school. State of the art facility,
beautiful campus.
ILTC-International Leadership
Training Conference
ILTC is BBYO's premier domestic leadership
development experience. You will learn to craft a
vision and plan strategically to ensure your
success. ILTC takes your potential for
leadership and enhances it, honing your skills to an
advanced degree with innovative programming.
Learn what it takes to be a productive leader, and
learn how to train others to be equally proficient.
Who should go to ILTC?
Must be a paid BBYO member
Older members who have held chapter positions
Those who are ready to lead at the
regional/council level and beyond
Those who have already attended CLTC
Project Impact
This 12 day summer experience will focus on
the Jewish Values associated with Social
Justice, Community Service, and Advocacy
through hands on experience throughout the
Boston area. Brandeis University will be
providing high level quality educational pieces
developed through specifically for this
program that helps frame their experiences in
a Jewish context. The program also takes
advantage of social, cultural and recreational
resources in Boston. Teens come away with
close friendships and empowered to make a
difference in the world.
Program Highlights
•Get prepped for college life by living on a college campus
•Project Impact teens develop skills that will enable them
to continue working on social justice issues, community
organizing, and advocacy in their home communities.
•Earn between 35 and 60 community service hours
•Take advantage of the Boston
Project NYC
**An experience for emerging entrepreneurs**
Spend 10 days in NYC immersed in the fields
of entertainment, marketing, finance and
fashion! Learn from top business executives
about what it takes to work in a competitive
business environment while exploring NYC!
**Discover your Jewish Identity &
the Judaic bond that connects
you to other Jews around the
**Unmask the vast spectrum of
Jewish thought, ritual, and
**Learn from top educators and
International Leadership Seminar Israel
*BBYO member's only premier
leadership and enrichment program!
*Based on an academic campus
outside of Tel Aviv
*Interact with Israel’s
emerging leaders in
business, politics &
*Israel Journey
*Trek Israel
Journey: Central
Journey: Spain
*Bulgaria & Greece
*Eco-Quest Central
For more information about any of
the P2W trips, visit
Or call the number above!
**Scholarships are available in many communities**
Stand UP!
Stand Up is BBYO’s service,
social justice, advocacy, and
philanthropy campaign that
promotes teens getting involved
in their local communities, and
with partner organizations that
support causes important to
them as individuals, chapters,
regions, and councils as a
Jewish community.
Leadership Roles
• Chapter leaders
• Regional leaders
• Convention planners
• Color Wars
• Teen Connection committee
• AZAA/MBA Field Day
• Stand UP!!!
• Sweetheart Ball
Opportunities for Parents
• Our online community for BBYO news and
event registration.
• Completely revamped!
• Now you can have your own account to sign up
your teens!
• “How to” handout
• Teen email address
Policies & Code of Conduct
• Advisors or parents MUST be present at all events and
• Need to follow all driving and curfew laws
• Code of Conduct
• BBYO has clearly defined the expectations for
acceptable conduct at all local, national and international
programs, and has identified the consequences of
unacceptable behavior. The Code of Conduct was
developed in consultation with the International AZA and
BBG Boards and the International Management Team.
•Members who violate the Code of Conduct will be
subject to disciplinary action, including removal from
programs, suspension or expulsion from the organization.
Code of Conduct continued…
• The organization is committed to safeguarding the rights given to all
members upon registering in BBYO and by the laws of each individual
community. In addition, BBYO strives to promote a safe, healthy,
orderly and civil BBYO environment.
• BBYO is a drug and smoke-free organization. At BBYO events or
activities, members are prohibited from possessing, consuming,
selling, distributing or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages
or other illegal substances.
• Conduct that is disruptive and/or insubordinate is not permitted.
• Conduct that endangers the safety, morals, health, or welfare of
themselves and/or others will not be tolerated.
• Gambling is against BBYO policy.
• All members are to give proper attention to personal cleanliness and
to dress appropriately for BBYO functions and events sponsored by
the organization.
How can we better
serve you!?
Upcoming Dates of Interest
•October 16-18
•Scholarship apps due Sept 26
•Early bird apps due Oct 2
•ALL apps due Oct 9
• NO meetings on September 28
• Convention – December 20-22, 2009
• International Convention – February 11-14, 2010
• Conclave – April 29-May 2, 2010
Visit to
connect with other Jewish
Contact Steven Baker
Phoenix Program Director
[email protected]
480.634.4900 x1127
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