Hands On with COD

Jean Balcer
Financial Aid Processing Coordinator
Davenport University
• Basics of using COD
• 150% SULA reports
• Overlapping Academic Years
Here you can get information on updates to COD.
Searching for a Direct Loan: MPN, Entrance Counseling,
PLUS MPN/Application, GPLUS MPN/Application
Key in the
student’s SSN,
leave status All
and change
award year to All
Doc Types: EC-entrance Counseling, PN-Promissory Note,
SP-PLUS application, RS-Response file only and COcredit override.
Entity: Is the school’s Direct Loan number
Award types: DLS – Stafford Sub, DLU –Stafford Unsub
and DLP-PLUS loan.
Award No: “Accepted” in this column item has been
received by DOE. If the MPN status is “P” in this
file, it could mean that there is an issue with the
MPN such as a name issue.
Here you can look up a PLUS application, search for MPN,
search for Entrance Counseling or see who the servicer is for a
After typing in SSN, the student’s Person information
comes up. On the left hand side are your options.
Click on Direct Loan.
Here you can view student loans that have disbursed or are still
pending. Click on the Award ID for more information.
Click on
for more info
Here you can
view the AY dates
for the loan
Here you can tell if the loan has been
disbursed or is still pending. If the
pending disbursement gross amount is
zero, then the loan is canceled. Click on
disb. number for further details.
From here you can click on
the history link to view if there
were any changes to the loan
If the student had an adjustment to
the loan, there would be a second
sequence number with description
as adj. To go back to loan list,
click on Direct Loan Awards.
On this screen
you can view
which loan
the MPN is
linked to.
To get to the reports on COD, Click on Services at
top, then click on link for codreports.cod.ed.gov
From here, select Direct Loan Reports
Click on your school’s entity number for the list of reports
you have access to.
Click on Subsidized loan usage change
After you click on the report
option a message box will pop up,
click on open. The report will
then open in Excel in CSV format.
On DL info page here, it will
give you amount used.
Then click on link “View
Undergraduate Usage History”
Here you can see the Max. Eligibility Period, Actual Sub Usage
Period, Remaining Actual Sub Eligibility Period, Anticipated Sub
Usage Period, etc… The report is very long, so you need to use the
scroll bar to see the additional information.
In Banner SULA
information is
loaded to
There are three specific COD Reject codes for
• Reject Edit 204- Incorrect Program CIP Code
• Reject Edit 205 – Payment Period Start Date is
outside the Award Begin and End dates
• Reject Edit 206 – The Remaining Subsidized
Eligibility Period is less than zero for this
Overlapping academic year (AY) is
when a student transfers to a
different school and the other
school’s AY is the same or dates
COD will only reject
time of disbursement
are wholly contained
together go over the
a loan at the
if the dates
and the amounts
annual loan
At the FSA conference during the
SULA session they stated:
For term-based program, when the
student transfers to you, you report
your school’s AY.
For non-term based program, you have
to report the prior school’s AY and
the student can only borrow the
balance of the annual loan limit.
Graduate student attending DU for
Fall 2013. BBAY at DU is Fall
2013/Winter 2014 (AY 9/5/13 to
4/26/14). DU disbursed $10,250.
Student transferred to another
school for Winter 2014.
Other school AY is 1/6/14 to
8/3/14 and they awarded/disbursed
$10,250 for the Winter 2014.
The student has now transferred
back to DU for Summer 2014. Her
new BBAY at DU will be 5/6/14 to
12/20/14. The student can borrow
$10,250 for Summer.
The student is eligible for
annual loan limit less what she
borrowed at the other school.
Student transferring to DU for
Winter semester. Other school’s
AY 08/26/2014 to 05/01/2014. They
disbursed $2250.00 sub and
$3000.00 unsub.
At DU student is
junior level and
08/19/2015. For
student can have
$3500.00 unsub.
AY 01/06/2015 to
Winter semester
$2750.00 sub and
This loan will complete the BBAY
from other school. The student
will be eligible for the other
50% of the annual loan limits for
the summer semester.
Are there any examples you would
like to work through?
Jean Balcer
Davenport University
Financial Aid Processing Coordinator
[email protected]
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