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Procure to Pay Workflow
Requisition Created in PantherSoft
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 Creating a Requisition
 Entering Requisition Change Orders
 Viewing Requisition Information
 Creating Receipts
Creating Requisitions - Navigation
Creating Requisitions - Navigation
Creating Requisitions - Navigation
Creating Requisitions
Creating Requisitions
Blanket PO’s must be recreated each fiscal year
Creating Requisitions – Origin to Change Order
Change Orders must
include original PO
number in Description
field (ex. CO00123456).
A change order is only
done to increase the
original amount.
Creating Requisitions – Override Defaults
First click Override button
Creating Requisitions – Vendor & Vendor Location
Choose Vendor you wish
to purchase from.
Choose “Purchasing to
Select” if you are unsure
or need a quote.
This is a required field.
Select the Vendor
Location that matches
the vendor quote.
This is a required field.
If a vendor is not in Panthersoft, the vendor must submit an electronic application from the
Purchasing website and email [email protected] Contact
the Tax Compliance Office if using foreign vendors.
Creating Requisitions - Amount or Quantity
Distribution types:
Amount is for Services
paid over time or when
paying a dollar
Quantity is for Goods
received over time or
when receiving a good.
Creating Requisitions - SpeedCharts
Choose a SpeedChart
for Distribution by
entering a Department
or Project ID. This will
populate the correct
chartfield strings.
Creating Requisitions - Delivery Instructions
Unless you are shipping
to your Central
Receiving Office, leave
the Ship To location set
Any chemical related
products should be
shipped to Scientific
Scroll to the right
to enter the
Creating Requisitions - Delivery Instructions
Search by Description to
find where you want the
items delivered.
You will specify delivery
instructions in the
Creating Requisitions
Confirm if all lines
or a single line
will apply changes
from the defaults
Creating Requisitions - Adding Comments
The comment bubble is for
Purchasing use only.
Creating Requisitions – Comments
A free-form text field is
available for Comments,
but you can select a
Standard Comment to
ensure that all the
shipping information is
included with your
Click the Copy Standard
Comments link
Creating Requisitions – Comments
For Blanket POs select one of the
following standard comments:
- BPO – Blanket PO Invoice
- BPP – Blanket PO Period
Creating Requisitions – Comments
Creating Requisitions – Comments & Attachments
Update the delivery and
special instructions. Make
sure to note if the item
will be delivered to a
different location from
requester’s office or any
specific handling
instructions. Each should
go on a separate box.
Upload expense quotes or any other attachments.
(Cannot be more than 20 characters long.)
Do not attach INVOICES to this document.
Creating Requisitions – Entering Items
Use the Account
number that has
funding in your
Description should be what item is:
Dell Latitude E-6500
Apple I-pad 2
Category Code & Accounts
 For Non-Project Purchases – The requisition will go
through even if that account has no funds. This may
cause a budget issue later for the department.
 For Project Purchases – If the account does not have
available funds the requisition will go into budget error
and will not source over to Purchasing. The requester
must arrange for a budget transfer to make sure that
there is funding in the account to cover the purchase.
Creating Requisitions – Identifying Items
Check “Amount Only” box when
purchasing services or for Blanket POs.
Creating Requisitions – Reviewing Information
Add or Remove additional lines as
necessary for additional items to be
purchased from this vendor.
Do not add comments in the
comment bubble. This area is for
Purchasing only.
To review the distribution of
individual item, use the
“Schedule” icon on the
individual lines, located on the
this page.
To distribute individual items as needed
over 2 or more Departments or Projects,
use the “Line Defaults” icon on the
individual lines, located on the this page.
Creating Requisitions – Reviewing Information
Creating Requisitions – Reviewing Information
To distribute the requisition over two or more
Departments or Projects, Use the “+…” button
to add more lines. Remember to split the
“Percentage” to reflect the distribution.
Otherwise, you can distribute individual items
as needed using the “Line Distribution” icon
on the individual lines, located on the main
Creating Requisitions – Saving Information
Click Line Details to verify the
Category Description and Code
Requisition Status – Buyer Information
Requisition Status – Buyer Information
Requisition Status – Buyer Information
Requisition Status – Buyer Information
Requisition Status – Buyer Information
Requisition Status - Navigation
Requisition Status - Navigation
Requisition Status – Search Results
Requisition - Review Information
Requisition &
Budget Status
Open All
Document ID allows you
to drill to the
document. If it is blank
or says “No Document”
contact your Budget
Requisition Status
Approved – The Requisition is approved and the request
has been sent to Purchasing.
Pending – Indicates that the approver must take an
Open – Indicates that the requisition has been saved,
however the “Check box” has not been checked.
Cancelled - This action was taken by the Requestor
based on an e-mail or directive from the department’s
Expense Manager.
Complete – The requisition has been paid/received.
Budget Status
Valid – Budget is available and ready.
Not Chk’d – Indicates that it has not been selected by
the automated budget checking process.
Error – No budget available. Contact your Budget
Manager. They should check Commitment Control and
add budget to correct account you are charging.
Requisition - Review Information
Click on Requisition
ID to investigate the
Requisition Status
Requisition - Review Information
Unapproved Requisition: Pending Status
Requisition - Review Information
Unapproved Requisition: Pending Status
If there is no Panther ID in this area, this
indicates that the Requisition has not
been approved at the Department level.
Requisition - Review Information
Approved Requisition: Approved Status
Requisition - Review Information
Requisition On PO: Complete Status
Purchase Order -
Purchase Order -
Purchase Order -
Approved – The PO is approved and awaiting the
notification to the Vendor.
Cancelled – The PO has been cancelled via email
notification to Purchasing.
Complete – The PO has been paid/received and is
closed and no further changes can be made.
Dispatched – The PO is approved and the notification
has been sent to the Vendor.
Pending – The PO is awaiting further approval.
Three Way Matching
Purchase Order
Three Way Matching
1. The PO is always created first from a Requisition.
2. The merchandise is received in good order either
by Central Receiving, Scientific Receiving, or the
3. The invoice is received and entered into
PantherSoft by the Accounts Payable team of the
Controller’s Office.
Three Way Matching
Will AP pay the vendor without the vendor having
provided the service or merchandise?
Absolutely Not! Because of the Three Way Matching
rule, until the department enters into the system and
receives against the PO, the payment will never
leave the University. In effect the department
controls when payments are made by controlling the
receiving of the merchandise or service.
Three Way Matching
 Original Invoices must be sent to Accounts Payable.
A paper invoice or emailed is required for payment.
 Some Vendors send the invoice before the
merchandise arrives or the service is rendered.
 There is a State of Florida Regulation, FS 215.4223a-c, which allows a vendor to receive additional
Interest Payment on all open balances over 40 days
from the date of the accepted invoice.
Creating Receipts
Creating Receipts - Navigation
Creating Receipts - Navigation
Creating Receipts - Navigation
Delete the information
from these fields.
Delete the information
from these fields.
Creating Receipts – Selecting PO Line
Creating Receipts – Update Quantity
Creating Receipts -
Received Line
Creating Receipts -
Received Line
Reviewing the entire process
1. Requisition is done.
2. Everything was approved and processed into a PO.
3. The merchandise was delivered.
4. A receipt was entered against the PO.
5. The Invoice came in and It was delivered to the
Accounts Payable team in the Controller’s Office.
Can I find out the status?
Activity Summary -
Activity Summary -
Activity Summary – Original Requisition
Activity Summary –Receiving Documentation
Activity Summary – Invoice Information
Activity Summary – Matching Status
Activity Summary – Return to Vendor
Unencumbered Payment Requests
Unencumbered Disbursement Request - is a request for disbursement
on an item when a Requisition and/or PO is not created. The form can be
found at
 The items purchased must be on the Allowable Unencumbered list.
 Should not be used in place of a Requisition and/or Purchase Order.
 If an item is purchased before completing a Requisition and/or
Purchase Order, a confirming PO must be requested from Purchasing
by entering a Requisition with justification.
 Items acquired in an emergency situation in which the normal
purchasing process was not possible, will also require a Requisition
with justification.
Allowable Unencumbered Purchases List
The following is a list of allowable unencumbered purchases:
 Petty cash reimbursements
 Utilities/Telephone
 Postage (U.S. Postmaster or University Mail
 Memberships (Membership Dues form must be
on file with the Purchasing Department
before payment is made)
 Direct travel payments (car rental,
conference registrations & hotel payments)
 Non‐Employee Travel Reimbursements
 Revenue Funds
 Fire Marshall Fee
 Florida Administrative Weekly (Bid Posting)
 FIU Foundation
 Tax
Notary charges
Legal Services
Other Universities
Financial Aid ( Third Party )
Doctors Bills (Athletics)
Medical Co-payments (Athletics)
Hospital bills (Athletics)
Other emergency expenses for
student athletes (Athletics)
 FIU One Card
 Registration Fees
 Deposit Payable
Procedures for Submitting Unencumbered
Payment Requests
University Departments Responsibilities:
The department is responsible for verifying that all information is complete and correct.
All unencumbered requests must be submitted electronically
Attach all supporting documents (i.e. vendor’s invoice).
 Note: Unencumbered vouchers fail budget checking when there is an insufficient budget for the payment of the
invoice. The budget available for an expense is regulated by the Departmental Budget Manager. The Department is
responsible for any interest penalties under FS 115.422-3a-c.
Departmental expenses are reconciled on a monthly basis.
Any discrepancies or errors in charges to the department should be reported to Accounts Payable
Only FedEX may be used for Overnight Check Delivery, entering the mailing and payment information
using the Departmental Commodity Card. This information should be attached to the documents
Check Pickup must be coordinated thru the Accounts Payable Department. It’s for event vendors or
payments requiring submission of confidential information only.
Useful Queries
Query Viewer
All Open Encumbrances or Reqs
Requisition list by Userid
Open Reqs within specific date
All Approvers Assoc. To A Req
Req. Appr hist sourced to POs
PO Category List (Eff/Acct)
Total paid by a dept by Catego
List of PO's Prompt by Vendor
Receipts Entered By
PO's Issued to a given Vendor
Tips & Tools
User Productivity Kit (UPK): An on-demand learning tool, which provides
learning activities to assist users in becoming familiar with the Campus
Solutions environment.
Website &
Website & Links
 Panther Post Newsletter Registration:
Email: [email protected]
 Purchasing Website for Manual & Procedures
 FSSS PantherSoft Training:
 Policies, Procedures & Manuals:
 Forms:
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