Volunteer Orientation @ - SRA Program at Hartford Hospital

Hartford Hospital
We are happy to have you join us at
Hartford Hospital.
This orientation will prepare you
to be an active, knowledgeable
participant within our hospital
We will provide you with general
information about the hospital as well
as specific training required by The
Joint Commission (JC).
You will receive a Volunteer Handbook
that contains much of this information in
detail, as well as an information card
that summarizes some of the safety
information. We suggest that you carry
this card with your hospital ID for quick
A little about us…..
Hartford Hospital is an 822-bed,
acute care hospital. As a major
tertiary care and community health
care center, it serves a statewide
patient population.
The hospital has been a recipient of
numerous highly prestigious national
awards, recognizing the institution
for its medical excellence, as well as
its work in the areas of community
relations, minority recruitment and
the provision of health services
within a diverse population.
An explosion at a local manufacturing
firm led to the establishment of
Hartford Hospital in 1854.
That first year Hartford
Hospital treated 20 patients
In 2004, the hospital saw
33,000 admissions and
over 180,000 outpatient
and emergency
department visits.
The Institute Of Living, Hartford Hospital’s
Mental Health Network, was founded in 1822
and is a comprehensive center for the
evaluations, treatment and follow-up care
of psychiatric, emotional and addiction
Vision Statement
To be the regional destination
provider of innovative and complex
Mission Statement
Our mission is to promote, restore,
and maintain the health of the
people we serve.
Hartford Hospital Overview
6,581 Employees
67 Acres
54 Buildings
2.3 million ft2
We Depend On You
It is very important that you be consistent in
fulfilling your schedule. If you are not able to
come in for a scheduled shift, please call your
supervisor as far in advance as possible, or give
written notice when possible.
If you are ill please stay home and call to notify
your department.
Leaving the program – On your last day at
Hartford Hospital you must turn your photo ID
to a Volunteer Services staff member.
There is a Dress Code at
the Hospital
Standards of appearance are important for
the security and comfort of our patients and
their families.
Photo ID badge Must be
worn at all times, as well as
your volunteer nametag. Both
should be clearly visible. This is
a JC requirement.
Please refrain from wearing
perfume, cologne or scented
lotions while at the hospital as
patients may be sensitive to
some fragrances.
Clothing Restrictions
In this business setting it is important to dress
appropriately. Hiking boots, shorts, hats, tank
tops, jeans, midriff shirts or “spaghetti” straps
are not permitted. Open-toed shoes or
sandals are only permitted in non-patient
care areas. “Flip-flop” sandals are not
permitted in any location due to noise and
safety guidelines.
Some departments may have additional
restrictions. Please check with your supervisor
during your department orientation.
Health Clearance for Tuberculosis
Individuals must provide documentation of a
two-step tuberculin skin test performed within
the previous 12 months or have one
administered through the Hartford Hospital
Occupational Health Department before
beginning their service at the hospital.
You can make an appointment by calling
Our Occupational Health team will provide you
with documentation of your test results. Please
bring this to Volunteer Services so we may record
the information in your file.
If a positive reaction is detected, you will need to
provide documentation of a negative chest x-ray as
a follow-up. You will be directed to have this done
through your own physician.
• Have you had a BCG
• People who have had this
vaccine should not be tested
for Tuberculosis. Please tell a
manager if you know you
have had this vaccine.
You should leave valuables at
Any coats, purses, etc. you bring to the
hospital should be kept with you and taken
to your assigned department. Cellular
phones may be used in designated areas
only. Please limit personal calls and texting
while volunteering, and be sure to use them
only when you are on break and in areas
designated as safe for cell phone use (such
as the lobby or cafeteria).
All those coming on campus must sign in
and out for each shift on the Department
of Volunteer Services touch screen
There are many important reasons for us to
track this information, including
liability coverage. Please
help us keep accurate records
by remembering to sign in
and out.
If you forget to sign in or out for a shift, contact the
department of Volunteer Services as soon as
possible and relay the correct information regarding
your hours.
If the Touch Screen is not working, record your time in
the book on the front desk or see a staff member for
We have a 24 hour voice mail and you are welcome
to leave the information there when we are away
from the office.
Other Locations
Volunteers assigned to areas far from
the main hospital building will be
asked to either record their hours
with their supervisor, or to call/e-mail
them to the Volunteer Services
Any individual who is injured while on
duty should report it to their supervisor.
An incident report will be filled out,
and if medical evaluation is
necessary the individual will be
directed to the Emergency
Do not give medical advice (or discuss
your personal opinions or experiences)
with patients. Refer them back to
medical staff.
Do not sign legal documents as a
witness but rather refer patient/visitor
to nursing staff for assistance.
Solicitation of goods or services, requesting
contributions, or distribution of literature of
any kind on hospital property is prohibited.
You are not allowed to accept gifts from the
patients or their families for themselves or on
behalf of Hartford Hospital. Please refer the
individual to the Fund Development
department, 545-2322.
Benefits to you include:
 Use of the Fitness
 Access to Library
 Recreational Activities
 Other Opportunities
• educational
• health screenings.
Code of Conduct
• To reinforce the shared commitment
of all employees and volunteers to
doing the right thing
• To remind ourselves how important
integrity is to the Hospital’s mission
and success
Regarding Patient Information
Rule of Thumb…
What you SEE here & What you HEAR here…
Although this was always a good “rule” it is now the
You will be asked to read about HIPAA and take a
short exam after this orientation. Successful
completion of the exam is mandatory. If you have
any questions we are always available to assist
Rules of Conduct
Hartford Hospital reserves the right
to terminate your status when, in
the opinion of the hospital staff,
such action is in your best interest
and/or that of the hospital.
You are expected to adhere to the
Hartford Hospital Sexual Harassment
Policy, and will be disciplined or
terminated for any violation thereof.
Individuals who encounter
any abuse from anyone
should discuss the matter
immediately with their supervisor or
director of their program.
Security is available 24 hours a day,
seven days a week.
Call Security at 545-2417 or
ext. 52147
•for an escort to your car
•to check lost and found,
•in the event of theft or
•for assistance for other
Fire Safety
 Fire prevention is the responsibility of
 The best protection against fire is constant
alertness to fire hazards and prompt
action to eliminate unsafe conditions.
 Should a fire occur, instantaneous action
on your part may protect against loss of
life and property.
Fire Safety
 Decisive action is possible only if you are
thoroughly familiar with the Fire Safety
Program in the hospital.
 Be sure you know the location of the
alarm boxes and firefighting equipment
in your area.
If a fire breaks out in your working area –
follow the R.A.C. E. plan!
Rescue those patients/people in immediate
Send in the Alarm immediately from the
nearest fire alarm box, or call Security at 52147.
Contain the fire/incident by closing
appropriate doors and windows to prevent
the spread of fire. Be sure to account for all
Extinguish the fire. (Only if you are
comfortable and not putting yourself in
Fire extinguishers are easy to operate
and can prevent serious damage
when used in the early stages of a fire
To operate a fire extinguisher, follow the
P.A.S.S. plan
• Pull the pin on the extinguisher to activate
the squeeze handle.
• Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire.
• Squeeze the handle to activate the
• Sweep to cover the area of the fire with
the extinguishing agent.
“DR. ROVER” is the Code Word For Fire
What the hospital does:
During a fire drill or actual fire in the hospital, you
will be notified over the paging system by the
following phrase, “Attention all employees, Dr
Rover in (location)”… When the alarm is over,
they will announce.. “Attention all employees,
Dr. Rover cancelled “
What you must know:
– Movement through the hospital is restricted.
– Fire doors at the end of hallways will drop closed.
– If you are in between two sets of closed fire
doors, stay put until the alarm is cancelled.
“DR. ROVER RED” is the Code Word
For a Bomb Threat
What the hospital does:
In the event of a bomb threat, you will be notified
over the paging system by the following phrase,
“Attention all employees, Dr Rover Red”. Upon
order to cancel the threat, you will hear “Attention
all employees, Dr. Rover Red cancelled .“
What you must know:
–Movement through the hospital is not restricted
unless directed otherwise.
–Do not close the fire doors.
–Conduct a search of your area and report any
suspicious objects to the Supervisor.
The Emergency Operations Plan is a
collection of plans to deal with a variety of
emergency situations ranging from a water
outage in the hospital to a bomb explosion
in the community.
When you hear the Emergency Operations
Plan put into effect, follow your normal work
routine unless otherwise instructed.
When an Emergency Operations
Plan has been put into effect
What the hospital does:
– Announcement over paging system
– Security calls first person on each disaster team
(at work or at home) who must respond to the
– Disaster team leader calls remaining team
When an Emergency Operations
Plan has been put into effect
What you must know:
– Normal movement through the hospital may or
may not be restricted.
– Follow instructions from your Supervisor if you
are signed in at the time of a true disaster.
Safety Alerts
• Some hospital buildings are not
connected to the overhead
page system. In these areas
safety alerts are called to
departments and shared
Your Wallet Card contains reminders of
of the safety codes and the
confidentiality statement.
Please carry this card with you while on
the campus. We suggest carrying it in
your ID badge holder.
Infection Control
Hartford Hospital cannot guarantee an
environment free from exposure to
infectious diseases.
To protect yourself as much as possible:
–Wash your hands frequently.
–Be observant of isolation signs on patient doors.
Request assistance from staff regarding
precaution procedures. Only go in the room if
you are comfortable doing so.
–Do not come in when you are sick.
Infection Control
Individuals who go into patient rooms
for any reason MUST wash their hands
upon entering and exiting the room,
regardless of any physical contact with
the patient or items in the room. You
can use either soap and water or the
Purell hand sanitizer to do this.
Things to remember:
 Do only those tasks for which you have been
trained or properly instructed.
 If a staff member asks for assistance outside
of your responsibilities refer them to your
supervisor for authorization.
 If a patient requests assistance outside of
your responsibilities, assure them you will alert
someone to their need and then relay the
information to a staff member or your
supervisor for follow-through.
You are valued
It is our goal to provide you with an
exceptional experience at Hartford
If you have any questions, please ask
If you have any suggestions, please
share them.
On behalf of the patients, visitors
and staff that you will serve, we
thank you. We are so pleased that
you have chosen to be part of our
health care team !
This concludes the orientation.
Please remember to complete
your post test and HIPAA training.