Student Health Insurance Verification Process

How to Complete the Student
Health Insurance Verification
Campus Life & Student Support Services
Student Health Insurance
All UAMS students (full-time and part-time) are required to have health
insurance coverage at all times.
UAMS sponsored student health insurance plan is Academic Health
For information AHP about Enrollment and Benefits visit: or contact Campus Life & Student Support
Services at 501-686-5850.
All students are responsible for entering their health insurance into the
student insurance portal
no later than September 17th
All noncompliant students networks will be disconnected on September
Student Health Insurance
All students must verify health insurance
EACH semester.
Network Disabled?
If your account has been disabled, reactivate by
contacting IT Security at (501) 686-8555. To retain
an active account, the verification process must be
completed immediately.
The notification system is updated twice a week.
Therefore, if you receive this notice after verifying
your health insurance, the system will refresh on
Tuesday’s & Friday’s.
UAMS Policy Standards
Health insurance policies must meet minimum standards set forth by the Student
Government Association and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic
Affairs. Coverage must meet the following criteria:
Plan must provide at least $100,000 in Lifetime Maximum Benefits (for each
covered injury or sickness incident)
Policy must have no major exclusions. Plan must include: major medical,
pharmacy, emergency medical, mental health, and diagnostic x-rays/laboratory
Health insurance coverage is required for the entire semester for which a student
is enrolled
Individual plan must have a policy year deductible of $1,000 or less; family and
employer plans are exempt from this requirement
Plan must provide identification card or policy with student name and/or policy
information allowing student insurance monitors to confirm eligibility
UAMS Student Insurance Portal
Please have the following documents near by, before
attempting to log into the health insurance portal.
Insurance card
Policy Number/Member ID
Insurance contact information
Summary of Benefits/Plan Benefits
System time out is set for 15 minutes
To Purchase Health Insurance
Students may purchase the university sponsored
insurance plan by logging in at
For AHP benefits and enrollment information, call
855-247-2273 or visit
Your student ID and DOB is required when enrolling
into the university sponsored insurance policy.
To Purchase Health Insurance
Regular students should select the
2013-14 Option.
Jr./Sr. Medical and Sr. Pharmacy
students should select the 2012-13
To Purchase Health Insurance
Click on Enroll Online to
purchase health insurance.
You will need your student
ID number.
Student Health Insurance
Your college will issue a user name and
password to you during Orientation or
If you do not have a user name and
password, you can not complete this
Student Health Insurance Portal
To enter your health insurance information,
log into the student insurance portal below:
UAMS Student Insurance Portal
Students must have user name and
password to complete the verification
UAMS Student Insurance Portal
Next, select the “Log on” button
UAMS Student Insurance Portal
Select the “To Do” tab
Student’s must complete insurance
requirement by September 17th
Select the “Click here” link to
enter policy information
Do you have a
question for the clinic
or student insurance?
Click here.
UAMS Student Insurance Portal
To renew or enroll into the
AHP policy, click here
To enter other insurance or AHP coverage click here
UAMS Student Insurance Portal
Select the appropriate coverage box
AHP Coverage Verification
If you have Academic Health Plans, please select the AHP
box and enter your AHP ID (first 6 digits leading after
AHP901234) on the next screen.
Next you will receive an email stating you have completed
the process; this is your confirmation.
All AHP policy holders must verify after enrollment and
renewals each semester.
If you do not receive a completion email contact Nakia
AHP Coverage
AHP policy holders enter
your AHP ID here (1 6 digits),
then select finish
Once you select “Finish”, you’ve completed the process (AHP policy
holder only).
Other Health Insurance
If you have other coverage you may
proceed with the power point.
Student Health Insurance Portal
Select the appropriate coverage box
Student Health Insurance Portal
Enter your policy information
UAMS Student Insurance Portal
If your existing policy is missing a benefit, scroll
down the screen and file an appeal.
Next submit your insurance summary of benefits
to the “Ask Student Insurance/Student Health
Clinic” email link.
Please only submit necessary pages when
forwarding the Summary of Benefits.
UAMS Student Insurance Portal
Once an appeal has been filed, the student will
receive an email from Nakia Dedner with specific
Please turn in ALL necessary documentation to
complete the appeals process in a timely fashion.
All appeals must be completed within the existing
term it was filed.
Appeals may take 5 to 10 business days to process.
UAMS Student Insurance
To check the status of an appeal you may
contact Nakia Dedner at Campus Life and
Student Support Services.
UAMS Student Health Clinic
SHC is located on the terrace level of the Family Medicine Building at 521
Jack Stephens Drive. The clinic entry is on the east side (Cedar Street) of
the building. Free parking is located behind the building and may be
accessed from Cedar Street.
Available to full-time and part-time students- fee payment verification
Students MUST present their student ID before services are rendered. It is
recommended that all students bring evidence of insurance coverage in the
event outside labs are required.
To make an appointment or inquire about services Contact Student Health
Clinic call 501-686-6381.
UAMS Student Health Clinic
To have your AHP policy deductible
waived, make the UAMS Student Health
Clinic your 1st stop, when ill.
Note the UAMS Student Health Clinic is
an acute care only clinic.
Campus Life & Student Support
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