Robert Bishop, J.D., Vice Chancellor, Institutional Compliance

UAMS Compliance Organization
Vice Chancellor for Institutional Compliance
Robert Bishop, (501)-686-5699,
University Hospital Compliance Officer
Jane Hohn, (501) 603-1001,
Research Compliance Officer
Darri Scalzo, (501) 686-8062,
Faculty Group Practice Compliance Officer
Terri Brame (501) 614-2182,
UAMS HIPAA Coordinator
Vera Chenault (501) 526-4817,
Director of Conflict of Interest
Jennifer Smith (501) 686-6447,
Current Focus Areas:*
• Documentation criteria for inpatient status vs.
observation status.
• Obtaining Advance Beneficiary Notices (ABNs)
for Medicare patients when appropriate.
• Entering orders in accordance with FGP policy.
• Timely documentation of complete and accurate
discharge summaries.
• Appropriate documentation of services provided.
*Focus areas may change from year to year in response to new regulations and
guidelines or when opportunities for performance improvement are discovered.
UAMS Policies
Administrative Guide Policies
UAMS Policies Page
Ethical Conduct/Gift Policy
A UAMS employee shall not solicit or accept a
• from a patient, visitor or a person or entity
that contracts with, does business with or
seeks to do business with UAMS; or
• from an entity in the healthcare industry; or
• given because of the employee’s official
Ethical Conduct/Gift Policy
UAMS employees whose scope of
employment requires physical presence at
non-UAMS facilities may accept meals and
gifts of a value of $25 or less provided such
meals or gifts are given to similarly situated
employees of that facility. Meals and gifts may
not be accepted if provided by third parties.
Ethical Conduct/Gift Policy
Educational, marketing and other promotional
programs may not include meals for UAMS
Industry Interaction Policy